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Boy Scout Troop 315
(Tujunga, California)
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The Rank of Eagle Scout is one of the most significant honors a boy can earn, in or out of Scouting.  It marks him for life!  An Eagle is an achiever and a leader.  Society will always expect much from an Eagle, and he will deliver. 

Eagle Scouts of Troop 315 

1951   Richard McClain - Our First Eagle Scout

1959   Steve Reynolds 

1960   Gary Dumas

          John Moricoli 

          Manuel A. Mesa 

          Ronald Peterman 

          Mark Tylosky 

1963   John Kelleher 

          Gordon Tylosky 

1965   Michael Brown 

1967   Craig Tylosky 

1978   Randy Kruse

1979   Jim McGlynn 

          Wally Dragaloski 

1980   John McGlynn 

1981   Kevin McVay 

1986   Sean McGlynn 

          Chris Gouffaux 

1990   Terry McGlynn 

1997   Matthew Birney

          Thomas Birney

1998   Chris Wollonciej

1999   Stephen Gresch

2000   Joshua D. Hodges

2001   Ryan Hoggatt

          William Ryder, Jr.

2003   Travis Hoggatt

           Luke Marquis

           Thomas Ryder

           Joshua Schirripa

2004   Joseph Severino

           Devin Moorad

2005   Hector Curiel

2006   Nick Dutchover

          Christian Sibrian

          Armando Quadros

2007   Manuel Sibrian

          Daniel Davis

          Thomas Noyes

          Michael Ryder

2009   Andrew Noyes

2010   Caleb De Silveira

          Clifford W. Kellgreen

          Jebidiah Naudet

          Connor Newell

2011   Chester Bosworth

2012   Timothy Naudet

2013   Cody Wray

          Christian Efting

          Tom Hughes

2014   Bobby Blackwell

          Patrick Barone

          Matthew Lambengco

          Nathaniel Naudet

          Alonso Marquez

2015   Coby Constantino

2016   Carlos de Luna

          William RJ Torres

          Dylan Bundarin