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Wise Owl Yell

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Troop Yell


The History

A group of scouts and adults were on a 50-mile hike in the summer of 2005 in the Jefferson Wilderness Area.  During one evening while in camp, the adults challenged the scouts to come up with a troop yell and if they did so, the adults would cook that evening's dinner and clean all the dishes.  The scouts came up with this yell in camp while waiting for dinner to be cooked.


Because the yell was entirely made by the scouts and they love it, the yell has been kept over the years, even though only 2 of the original 50-mile hikers are still in the troop.  They have aged out and are now adults or they are adults who are no longer with us.


During the hike there were a few lakes and one of the scouts would often comment on how he wanted to go swimming in the lakes.  Since skinny dipping is NOT permitted in scouts, he would joke about going skinny dipping.  The scouts decided to start the yell with that scout's joke.


The yell embodies all that is right and fun with being young, away from home, on a long hike;  Sleeping outside without a tent, joking and singing while hiking on the trail, pulling light jokes on the adults and your buddies, having hard cheese and salami for lunch, getting blisters, jumping into wilderness lakes, being carefree and trail-hardened.  It symbolizes the scouts of Troop 240 at their scouting-best.




The Yell

One scout from the back of the group yells: 




The entire troop responds:


     Put some pants on for goodness sake !


     Go'in where we want t' go

     Put'in on a great show


     Eat'in so much cheese

     So it don't come out with ease


     Sleep'in outside 'cause it doesn't bother us

     We've got blisters, full of puss


     One on the big toe

     One on the little toe

     We are Troop  2  4  0 !!