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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some frequently asked questions. If your question is not answered below, use the "Contact Our Troop" link above.



*Where is Troop 32? - Troop 32 is one of 4 Boy Scout troops in Dickinson, ND. However, we also welcome boys from surrounding communities that do not have Scout Troops.

*What kinds of activities does Troop 32 do? - Troop 32 tries to have at least one non-meeting activity per month. These activities are only limited by the effort put in by the boys. Some examples of some of our past activities include water park day trips, skiing at area ski resorts, swimming, bowling, water gun fights, as well as snowmobile trips for the older boys.


*How much are the dues? - The troop dues are currently $50. These fees cover National registration, Boy's Life subscriptions, unit insurance premiums, and help pay for things like rank advancement and leadership patches, merit badges, printing for all the forms that are needed and mailing costs.  The dues may be adjusted to compensate for increases in any of the National or Council fees.

*Are the troop dues the only costs to being in the troop? - Unfortunately, no. Many of the campouts have some sort of a fee attached to them to help pay for the supplies. For district camporees, the fee is typically around $10-$15. For summer camp, the cost could be $250-$350, depending on the camp and what they are charging for that year.

*What if I can't afford to pay for my son to attend some or all of these events? - There are actually a couple options available to you. The first and most important of these is the fundraisers the troop participates in. Each spring, the troop sells a food product, and in the fall we sell popcorn and holiday decorations. From these sales, the scout earns money into his Camp Account (see later question about Camp Accounts).  The Scouts can also earn money for their Camp Account by helping clean up at the Shrine Circus each spring or numerous other fundraisers throughout the year.

The second option, if your scout is unable to pay for the events through fundraisers, is Council Camperships and Troop Scouterships.  The Campership is a needs-based fund administered by the Council and will fund up to 1/2 the fee for attendance at Camp Wilderness for Summer Camp. The Troop Scoutership is supported by funds that were donated to the troop specifically to help scouts attend Scouting events or to help cover his fees.  Scouterships are handled confidentially by the Troop and will normally cover up to 1/2 the fees.

*What is a Camp Account? - A camp account is where the funds that are earned from popcorn sales, candy bar sales, etc. are held so that the scout can use those funds to pay for campouts, troop dues, etc.  The funds are held by the Troop and disbursed as needed.