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 Special Whatchamacallits Affectionately Pinned Somewhere
Share With A Pal


The History

The origin of SWAPS is Native American. Potlatch is the ceremonial exchange of gifts practiced by Native Americans of Northwest Coastal tribes. The custom stems from the legend explaining why birds have colored feathers. As the story goes, two Indian girls plucked feathers of a magic bird and distributed the multi-colored plumage to the colorless birds living in the forest. From that time on, birds have had brightly colored feathers and those gifts were remembered at Potlatch ceremonies. Families were summoned to the Potlatch by a messenger carrying a bundle of sticks representing the number of people to be invited. The ceremony included speeches, songs, dances, games, races and refreshments. The host and members of his family were costumed and enacted legends about their heritage. The gift giving came last of all, just before the guests departed. Since Potlatch gifts were symbols of the families status in the village, they were often quite elaborate, often being carved boxes, canoes, dishes, jewelry, mats and baskets. The Potlatch ceremony was given to commemorate the births, deaths, marriages, or coming of age of members of the group.

The idea of SWAPS was started at the original National Roundup Conferences. At that time a SWAP was a little remembrance that one Scout gave another. SWAPS are handmade, thus the girl is giving a part of herself to show friendship. Swaps are exchanged at National Conventions, Council events, Wider Ops, SU or neighborhood events, troop meetings and most frequently at day camp. They can have a tag attached with the event name and date or the Troop number, Council name or State.  In some countries SWAPS are called hat crafts.

Swapping promotes friendship and encourages girls to talk to other people. SWAPS are great mementos of a good time as well as a great way to share something about where we live and what we do.


SWAPping Etiquette

SWAPping "do’s and don’ts" vary from council to council but there are some basic rules that everyone should be aware of. SWAPS for trade are carried separately from the ones you want to keep. Keepers are frequently pinned on to hats or bandannas. Sometimes they are pinned onto a specific area of a shirt. SWAPS for trade can be in a SWAP bag, zipper baggie, shoe box, a friendship tie or pinned onto ribbon, any thing that can be easily carried. SWAPS are usually 1" to 2".


It is considered rude to refuse to swap with someone who asks. If you don’t like the item you have been given or already have an identical SWAP, accept it politely and give them one of yours with a Girl Scout smile. (Try to make your SWAPS something you would want to receive.) ALWAYS say thank you!


Try to have a few extra SWAPS on hand for those people who don’t have any to give in return. Most SWAPS have a pin on them so they can be pinned to a hat or a shirt but they don’t have to. SWAPS can be bracelets, necklaces, council patches, event patches, district/division/camp crests, or other small items. SWAPS can also be displayed on a banner, troop flag, or the kitchen curtain.


SWAPS should NOT contain edible food. Food items can attract bugs and critters when outdoors.


 Tissue Paper Pin       

You need: Tissue Paper in 2 or 3 Colors

White Glue

Plastic Cookie Cutter

Heavy Paper or Felt

Pin for Jewelry Craft

Petroleum Jelly

Plastic Plate
Disposable Bowl
Microwave Oven
Hot Glue Gun


 Instructions: Trace around the inside of the cookie cutter on felt or heavy paper. Cut out. Coat the inside of the cookie cutter with petroleum jelly. Place it on a plastic plate also coated with petroleum jelly. Fit the cut out shape inside the cookie cutter pushed down to the bottom. In a disposable bowl, dilute white glue with an equal amount of water. Tear tissue paper into 1" squares. Dip each piece into the glue solution and crumple up into a tight ball. Tightly arrange crumpled pieces in a single layer at the bottom of the cookie cutter, pressing it flat with your finger tip. Microwave for one or two minutes on high. Let cool. Pop out of mold. Tissue paper is now permanently adhered to cut out shape. Let dry overnight. Tissue paper will be very hard. Glue pin onto back.


Pasta Pins    

  You need:              

  Letter-shaped pasta (Kraft Macaroni and Cheese)

 Spray Paint (or dye your pasta)

 Hot Glue or Tacky Glue

 Jewelry Craft Pins


 Instructions: Die your pasta first (or spray paint when you are done.) Choose fun words, your name, scouting words, theme words, anything! Glue the pasta letters together to form the words you have chosen. Glue a jewelry craft pin on the back.



Itty Beadies                                      


For Bumble Bee You Need: 

 --10 Clear Beads

 --6 Yellow Beads

 --5 Black Beads

 --1 Yard 1/8" Ribbon


 For Butterfly You Need:

 --12 Yellow Beads

 --4 Black Beads

 --1 Yard 1/8" Ribbon


 For Dragonfly You Need:

 --12 Clear Beads

 --4 Black Beads

 --1 Yard 1/8" Ribbon


For Bunny You Need: 

 --20 Light Brown Beads

 --2 White Beads

 --1 Pink Bead

 --2' Ribbon


 Basic Instructions:

 Note: Only 1 cord is shown to make it easier to follow the lacing path. Fold your cord in half to find the center. Tie a knot 1/2" from center

 which will leave a small loop. Lace beads using pattern at right as a guide. Finish by tying off with a double knot.



Troop Number Swap


You need: Craft Foam

Number Beads
Tacky Glue
Jewelry Craft Pin
Wooden Beads


Instructions: Cut a trefoil out of craft foam. Glue troop numbers on to trefoil. Decorate with hemp and beads. Glue pin to back.



Mini God's Eyes      

 Add a pin for a great swap, add a loop for an interesting ornament or add some cord make a necklace.


 You need:


 Multi-colored yarn

 Mini Craft Sticks

 Low Temp Hot Glue Gun or Tacky Glue



  Glue two mini craft sticks together  

 forming and "X". Glue the end of the

 yarn to the middle where your sticks cross.


Begin by wrapping the yarn over and around one leg of one craft stick, then over and around the next leg. Pull the yarn tight each time and push it toward the center. (Diagram shows back side of the God's Eye). Continue until the craft sticks are covered. Glue and trim.


 Nature Pins


 You need:

Clear Contact Paper 

Size 2 Safety Pin 

Metal Nail File 

Flowers and Leaves Gathered (with permission, of course!)


 Cut two 2" circles of contact paper. Select flowers and/or leaves to press on to one of the circles. (The four-leaf clover above was made by adding an extra leaf to a three-leaf clover!) Cover with the second piece of contact paper. Trim. Spray safety pins with clear coat to keep them from tarnishing.


Use the point of metal nail file to bend open the loop at the base of the safety pin. Use the pin to poke a hole in the top of your nature design. Push it down the front shank of the pin, around the loop and on to the back shank of the pin.


Hat Pins

You need:   11 Size 0 (7/8") Safety Pins
 1 Size 2 (1-1/2") Safety Pin
 Seed Beads (colors depend on pattern)
 Metal Nail File
 Needle-nose pliers
 Krylon Acrylic Clear Coat


 Basic Instructions:  Spray safety pins with clear coat to keep them from tarnishing.

 Each row is a size 0 pin with seed bead strung on it. Open pins and string seed beads following the pattern provided. Start at the top with Row 1 and work down.

 Use point of metal nail file to bend open the loop at base of large size 2 pin.

 Thread base of beaded pin onto front shank of large pin, force around loop and onto back shank of large pin. Follow pattern, from left to right.






Scout Friend Swap

You need: Mini Friends

Clear Contact Paper
1½" Coil-less Safety Pins
Wooden Beads
Metal Jump Rings
Large Needle


 Instructions: Print Mini Friends. Cover with contact paper and cut out. Poke a hole in the top of the mini Friend with a large needle. Push a jump ring through the hole. String two beads, the mini friend, and two more beads onto a coil-less safety pin.




         Daisy                         Brownie                         Junior                        Cadette                       Senior

 Scout Hand Swaps  



 You need:

 Peach, Tan or Brown Craft Foam

 Red and Green Craft Foam

 Jewelry Craft Pins

 Low Temp Hot Glue Gun


 Girl Scout Hand Patterns



Instructions: Using Girl Scout Hand Patterns, cut hand patterns out of peach, tan or brown craft foam using small, sharp scissors. Cut hearts out of red craft foam and trefoil out of green craft foam.


Use glue gun to glue down the thumb and pinkie of a foam hand to make the Girl Scout Sign and glue the hand to a foam heart. Glue a jewelry craft pin to the back.


Use glue gun to glue down the four fingers of a hand to make a "thumbs up" sign and glue the hand to a foam Girl
Scout trefoil. Glue a jewelry craft pin to the back.

Jeweled Butterfly Pins


You need: Chenille Stems (2, each 12" x 6mm)

Faceted Beads: Crystal Clear (19, each 6mm)

Multi-Color (14, each 8mm)

Jewelry Craft Pins

Mixed Shaped Beads

(Metallic Antique Gold, 1 each - 10mm, 25mm)

Glue Gun

Wire Cutters





1. Cut two chenille stems in half; you will only use three of the halves for this project. One half is the body of the butterfly and the other two halves are the wings.


2. For the Butterfly Head, Body & Tail: Thread a crystal clear faceted bead onto one of the chenille stem halves until it is centered between each end. Bend the chenille stem in half again at the bead (this is the tail). Hold both ends of the chenille stem together and thread them through the longer Metallic Antique Gold bead (this is the body), then through the shorter Metallic Antique Gold bead (this is the head). Thread a crystal clear faceted bead onto each chenille stem end and push them down next to the head. Wrap the chenille stem ends around a pencil to curl them for antennae.


3. For the Butterfly Wings: Thread 15 faceted beads onto each remaining chenille stem half (each half is a wing), alternating between crystal clear and colored beads. When the beads have been strung, twist the ends of each wing together to form two circles, then twist the circles together to form a set of wings. Glue the wings onto the butterfly where the head meets the body. Glue a jewelry craft pin to the back of the butterfly.

 Girl Scout Kisses

Using brown fun foam, cut out the shape of a Hershey Kiss.
Glue on 2 wiggle eyes, a small red pom pom for the nose and draw on a smile with black or red permanent marker. Cut a strip of fun foam and write your Troop # on it. Glue on pin back.

Friendship Heart   

Take a wooden heart and paint. Attach silver and gold rings thru a green ribbon glued on the heart. Form loop with ribbon and glue end behind heart.

Beaded Flower      

String pony beads onto pipe cleaners, forming flower shape. Hang from safety pin.


Cut a 3" square of fabric. (Sample uses GS Junior shirt fabric). Fold square in half, forming a triangle. Fold in half again and pull ends through a pony bead to hold. Add safety pin.

Daisy Pin   

Using a silk flower, remove the plastic stamens and back. Glue layers of daisy together - glue a yellow pom pom into the center. Glue on wiggle eyes and smile cut out of fun foam. Glue daisy head onto one of the leaves from the flower stem. Glue on pin back.


Cut a flower shape out of white craft foam. Glue yellow pom pom into the center and decorate.


Cut sash shape out of brown, green or blue fun foam . With a hole punch, cut out various colors for the Try-its/Badges (we used the five world colors). Glue two strips of white fun foam  or bugle beads for the GSUSA and Council ID strips. Write Troop  number on sash with marker. Glue on pin back.


Cut vest shape out of brown, green or blue fun foam, depending on level desired. With a hole punch, cut out various colors for the Try-its/Badges (we used the five world colors). Glue two strips of white fun foam or bugle beads for the GSUSA and Council ID strips. Write Troop number on sash with marker. Draw on Wings, Bridging patch, etc. Glue on small felt tab. Glue on pin back.

Girl Scouts Shine 

Take a wooden star or cut a star shape out of fun foam. Paint with gold or silver glitter paint. Cut a gold or silver pipe cleaner into three pieces and glue onto back of star. Curve to make it look like a shooting star.

Girl Scout Stars  

Take 2 sizes of wooden stars. Paint gold. Glue smaller star into center of larger one. Paint green trim on large star and G.S. into the center of the smaller one. Hang from gold thread on safety pin.

Puzzle Swap      

Using old puzzle pieces, paint them silver and gold. Glue pieces together as shown to make a puzzle pin to represent friendship. Glue on pin



Using fun foam and toothpicks, cut out desired shapes. With a permanent marker, write on Troop #, or event name. Glue edge onto toothpick as pole. Glue on pin back.


GS Cookie Swaps   

Draw circle designs onto different colors of fun foam. Use decorative scissors to cut them out .Use darker brown paint to complete the striped chocolate chips. Use your imagination to create Thin Mints, Samoas, Do-Si-Does, etc


Sew Much Fun Pin  

From your local craft or variety store, purchase a package of mini-thread spools. Type out tags: “It's SEW much fun being a Girl Scout!” Cover tags with clear contact paper and cut into strips. Glue end of strip on the back of the spool, along with a pin back.


Using wooden shapes or fun foam shapes, design various butterflies and glue together. Add wiggle eyes, antennae, beads, etc. Glue on pin back. 

Plaster Butterfly  

Using "Faster Plaster" (brand name), mix a small amount of plaster according to package directions and pour into small plastic spoons. Allow to dry. When dry, pop plaster out of spoon and paint as desired with acrylic paints. Decorate with wiggle eyes, ribbon, flower stamens, etc. Glue on pin back.

Pine Cone Bird Feeder  

Materials: Mini pine cone, Fabric paints (color of peanut butter),

Birdseed, String for hanging, Clear Acrylic sealer.

Instructions: Cut pieces of string 5"long. Tie in a loop. Slip it under some of the top petals of the pine cone - tie a knot close to stem end. Cover pine cone with fabric paints roll immediately in the birdseed; let dry overnight. Spray with clear acrylic sealer.


Cool Sun  

Cut sun shape from stiff yellow felt or fun foam. Paint on sunglasses with black glitter paint and add smile with fine fabric paint. Glue on pin back.

 Lady Bug on Leaf  

Use a (1-inch size) red pom pom for the body. Use a (1/2 inch size) black pom pom for the head. Glue them to a "silk" leaf.   Glue two jiggly eyes on the head. Glue black sequins on the body to make spots.


Plaster Rose  

Fill candy molds in the shape of rosebuds with plaster of paris. Add pin backs when the plaster is about half set. When dry, pop them out, let them finish drying and paint the flowers. Then spray them with a clear finish coat.

  Pom Pom Flower  

Cut "petals" from felt or fun foam. Glue on pom pom. Add wiggle eyes. Add pin back or hang from safety pin.


Pot of Flowers 

 Glue pre-made flowers into a wooden flower pot. Add pin back.



Make with 3 wooden hearts and a small wooden clothespin. Paint them all green, when dry glue together as shown. Glue on pin back. Could cut hearts out of fun foam if wooden shapes aren't available.




Sun Swap   

Cut sun and rays from fun foam or felt. Glue layers together and glue on pin back. Decorate with wiggle eyes, draw on face.


Using the lid of a film canister, cut a piece of white fun foam to fit the inside measurements of the lid. Draw compass markings on fun foam with permanent marker. Take the plastic liner from the inside of a 3 liter drink bottle and glue over the top of the lid as a cover. Glue on pin back.

 Hot Chocolate  

Take an empty film canister and cut about 1/2" off the top. Poke two holes in the side of the canister and put in a piece of black pipe cleaner for a handle, twisting the ends inside the canister. Cut a circle of tan fun foam to fit into canister. Glue around edges and set in canister. Glue white "E" beads on top of fun foam for marshmallows.


Rainbow on Clouds 

Using "Perler" brand fuse beads, make a rainbow pattern.  Using paper provided in bead kit, iron back of beads to fuse together. Glue on pin back.


Using a wooden apple shape, paint the apple red and add green leaves and a brown stem. Take a 4" length of brown pipe cleaner and fold it in half to make the worm.  Glue wiggle eyes on the folded end for eyes. Bend ends under and hot glue worm to apple. Glue on pin back. May also use red fun foam cut in an apple shape.



Cotton Candy 

Take a circle of fun foam and cut it in half. Cut the half in half. Each circle will make 4 cotton candy swaps. The size will be determined by the circle you choose. Bend edges of the cone together - hot glue and hold until set (girls will need help with this). Take a colored cotton ball (Walmart has them in pink, yellow and purple) and pull in half. Glue into top of cone. Use fingers to make a "peak" in the top of the cotton candy. Glue on pin back.

Candy Corn  

Cut fun foam into candy corn shape. Paint stripes as shown. When dry, glue on wiggle eyes and draw on face with permanent marker. Glue on pin back.



Take a brown pipe cleaner and cut it in half. Bend the half into a pretzel shape, gluing ends together. Glue on seed beads for salt. Glue on pin back.


Peas in a pod   

Cut two oval shapes out of green felt.. Glue the sides and bottom of oval together. Glue in 3 - 4 pom poms, depending upon the size you use. Glue on pin back.


Pizza Swaps  

Cut beige felt circle slightly smaller than a juice can lid ("pizza pan”) for the pizza crust.  Use thick red paint for the tomato sauce (or another, slightly smaller circle of red felt), snips of white felt for the cheese and dark red sequins for pepperoni. Glue pin to back.  Or just use stiffened felt or fun foam and forget the juice can lid.



Take tan fun foam or felt and cut into two rectangular 1/2 graham cracker shapes. Cut out a piece of brown fun foam or felt for chocolate bar and glue onto bottom cracker. Stretch out a cotton ball and glue it on for the marshmallow. Add second graham cracker piece for the top. Make dots with permanent marker. Glue on pin back.




Cut out circle from red fun foam. Cut in half. Paint on green rind and black seeds. Glue on pin back.


Cut a pipe cleaner in half. Bend one half at the middle. Cut a 1-1/2 inch length from the other half to use as arms. Wrap yarn around 2 fingers about 7 times. Stick the bent pipe cleaner between your fingers, around the yarn wraps. Carefully slide the yarn off your fingers and stick the ends of the pipe cleaner through the hole of a ½-inch bead with a small hole. (hole about the size of a pony bead hole.) Pull the pipe cleaner so that the yarn is held tight against the bead. Put the "arm" piece of pipe cleaner between the two ends coming through the bead and twist tightly. Continue twisting until you have about an inch of twisted pipe cleaner. Slip a one inch piece of colored drinking straw over the body. Spread the legs in a "Y" shape to keep the straw from sliding off. Bend about ¼ inch of the ends to make little feet. Cut the loops of yarn and use a pin or toothpick to separate the strands for hair. Hot glue a pin back to the straw. (Can add googly eyes, if desired.)

 Bird's Nest Pin     


Brown Yarn

Flour/Salt Dough

Jewelry Pins

Tacky Glue


Low Temp Hot Glue Gun

Poster Board


Instructions: Cut poster board into circles about the size of a quarter. Cut yarn into 1/4" pieces. For each bird nest you will need about 1 heaping tablespoon of cut up yarn. Mix in about 1/2 teaspoon of tacky glue. Roll yarn and glue mixture together to form a ball. Add more glue if necessary. Flatten ball a little. Press thumbs into the middle to make the nest shape. Set on top of a circle of Poster Board. Let dry overnight. Use small pieces of Flour/Salt Dough to make tiny eggs. Use glue gun to attach them in dry nests. Glue a pin on the back.

Troop Number Pins   


You need: One 1½" Coiless Safety Pin

      Four ¾" Coiless Safety Pins

      Number Beads


Instructions: String five e-beads on each ¾" coiless safety pin. String one of your ¾" coiless safety pins onto a 1½" coiless safety pin. Then string your first number bead, followed by another ¾" pin, the second number bead, another ¾" pin, the third number and the final ¾" pin.


Wiggle Eye Swap

So cute and so simple! You can also add eyelashes, glasses or hair.


You need:   Two 15mm Wiggle Eyes

                    3/4" Jewelry Pin

                    1/2" Pom Pom

                    Tacky Glue


Instructions: Glue two 15mm wiggle eyes to the back of the jewelry pin. Glue on a nose.

Mini Coffee Filter Butterflies

You need  Coffee Filters

      Water Based Markers

      Mini Clothespins

      Spray Bottle with Water

      Jewelry Pin

      Tacky Glue


Instructions: Dab markers all around the center of a coffee filter. Spray lightly with water to blend colors. Let dry. Cut a 2" circle out of the middle of the coffee filter.  Pinch to form wings and clip with tiny clothes pin. Glue pin on the back.


Charmed Pins   

For gold pin you need:   2-1/4" Coiless Safety Pin

                           Gold Jump Rings

                           Heart Charms

                           3/8" Jingle Bells

                           Heart-Shaped Pony Beads

                           8mm Pearls


For silver pin you need:   1-1/2" Coiless Safety Pin

                             Silver Jump Rings

                             Feather Charms

                             6mm Jingle Bells

                             Small Wooden Beads


Instructions: Use charms, jingle bells, beads, pearls and just slide them on to coiless safety pins.

Compass Neckerchief Slide or Compass Swap  


You need:   Toy Compass

                    10" Suede Cord

        Low Temp Hot Glue Gun

        3 Pony Beads

        4" Pipe Cleaner (for Neckerchief Slide)

        Jewelry Pin (for Swap Pin)




Instructions: Hot glue suede cord all around compass. Leave both ends hanging from the compass. Cut ends into a point to make stringing pony beads easier. Slide both ends into one pony bead and push it all the way to the compass. String one pony bead onto each end. Tie knot to secure. Trim.


Hot glue 4" piece of pipe cleaner on to back of compass to twist into a neckerchief slide.

 Other *S*W*A*P* Ideas


Mini Girl Scout Friendship Necklace - Cut green pipe cleaner into 3 " lengths, thread one each red, blue, purple, orange, yellow, gold, silver pony beads. Twist to close and add pin.

 Butterflies: For Daisies and young Brownies, precut the butterfly bodies from felt; older girls can use a pattern to cut them out. Have a variety of sequins on hand for decorating their wings. We accented the body of the butterfly with several pompoms. Googly eyes can be glued on, if desired. Antenna can be made using pipe cleaners, if desired. A safety pin can be stuck through the butterfly.

 Strawberries: For Daisies and young Brownies, precut the strawberry from red felt and the stem from green felt. Provide googly eyes and a black marker for creating a face and little seeds on the strawberry. Stick a pin through to use for attaching.

 Fake fur creatures: Cut the fake fur into narrow strips and then cut those strips into small creature sized pieces. The girls can glue googly eyes on and can use scraps of felt (allow them to cut these out themselves or use precut shapes, depending on their dexterity) to create tongues, eyebrows, hats, whatever. Use a safety pin for attaching.

 Grouch in a can: Glue a green pompom into the lid and container of a film canister then gluing googly eyes onto it. A clasp pin will need to be hot glued later on by an adult.

 Flower Babies: Using discarded silk flower petals (single circles of petals like from a mum which has fallen apart- many craft shops will donate these), glue a large pompom into it's center. Create a face on this pompom using googly eyes, scraps of felt for a mouth, tiny pompoms for the rosy cheek circles.

 Miniature dunking bags: Create the bags using circles of net fabric and weaving a pull string through the perimeter of the circle. Make little plates by painting 1" and 1/2" wooden circles. Add a pin.

 Glow in the dark. Glow in the dark stickers on black contact paper or cardboard. Make a circle of cardboard and black paper and put star and planet glow in the dark stickers on it.

 Wooden cut outs-Attach eyes, paint, etc.

 Apron - Eyelet trim (inch and a half wide). Cut into sections and glued to white ribbon

 Friendship pins - Thread beads onto a safety pin

 Mini sit-upons. Cut 2 small squares from a vinyl table cloth or use wallpaper. Stuff with folded paper towels and sew together with yarn.

 Fuzzy dice made from soft foam cubes with marker dots hung from a pin.

 Octopus - Pom pom with two wiggly eyes. Braid four pieces of yarn and attach to the bottom of the pom pom in the center of the yarn so there are eight arms.

 Indian- Pom pom with narrow strip of felt and tiny feather to make headdress. Glue on wiggly eyes, etc.

 Teddy Pin - Teddy graham cookies, spray painted gold, glued onto felt strips as medals.

 Peanut Buddies - Peanuts sprayed with polyurethane, pom pom wig, wiggle eyes, bean nose.

 Magic Wands- Popsicle sticks, painted black with each end painted white.

 Fan - Fans folded from wallpaper border remnants, glue lace on edge and ribbon rosette at base.

 Felt kite, yarn for tail.

 Campfire - made from cinnamon sticks and red, orange and yellow felt. Small rolled logs can be made from brown grocery bags. OR square of brown felt, build fire with twigs, glue, add red felt "flame" in the middle. Pin through corner of felt

 Candy Cane - Twist red and white pipe cleaners together to form candy canes.

 Wreath - Make wreaths with pipe cleaners and decorate with ribbon, pom poms or sequins.

 Worm on Leaf - Silk leaf with a rolled pipe cleaner in it to resemble a worm. Wrap a pipe cleaner around a thin paintbrush (Pencils work, but give fatter worms). Hot glue the worm to the leaf, add eyes and antenna if desired. Glue a pin to the other side.

 Teepee- Frame formed with two toothpicks. Triangle of black felt glued to it. Then tan and cream-colored felt was wrapped around to form the teepee (Flat with only two toothpicks). Glue down--brown yarn was tied at top to secure it. Decorate with fabric paint.

 Mini potpourri using lace ribbon and potpourri.

 Felt trefoils with troop number written in fabric paint.

 Pom Pom critters- Add eyes and feet and antenna if desired. Add beak and feathers for a bird, flippers for a seal, a trunk for an elephant.

 Shell Critters--glue eyes on to make shell critters. Or take those with natural holes and string them on one end of a piece of yarn. On the other end glue a fish, drawn, colored and cut from construction paper.

 Peppermint Candy Swap - twist together a 4” piece of red pipe cleaner and a 4” piece of white pipe cleaner. Roll into a “snail”. Wrap in clear cellophane and secure ends with small pieces of ribbon, thread, etc. Glue on pin.

 Beaded Feather: String 3 or 4 pony beads onto ribbon or yarn. Dip tips of feathers into glue and push up inside beads.

 Beaded Feather 2 - Take small feathers either natural or the colored kind. Use 2 in different colors, line up the quill end and thread on the end 3 or 4 pony beads. With adult help squeeze low temp hot glue up thru the beads to keep them on. Glue on a pin.

 Birdfeeder - Hot glue milk cap to tiny craft cup (some churches use them for communion; they're available at craft stores) fill part way with birdseed, also some seed around base (looks like a spill). Glue another milk cap on top. Add a bird made of chenille on edge.

 Caterpillar - coil chenille stick around a twig, add eyes and pin

 Flower - fun foam stem cut same size as clothespin, glue to clothespin, add leaves, flower head. Fun to clamp onto hat. Fun foam is also good for canoes, whales, clouds, surfboards, cats, pickles...

 Icicle - string clear tri-beads on a chenille stick about 3" long, dab of glue at both ends. Add a ribbon loop and pin

 Sand castles - cut shape out of sandpaper. Glue on turrets, other details

 Lady Bugs - Use a plastic spoon for the mold. Mix and pour Faster Plaster into bowl of spoon. Let dry and dump cast out of spoon. Use a file to smooth some of the edges. Paint like a lady bug (apply pin back so you have something to hold while painting).

 Easter Eggs - Use a plastic spoon for the mold. Mix and pour Faster Plaster into bowl of spoon. Let dry and dump cast out of spoon. Use a file to smooth some of the edges. Paint like an Easter Egg (apply pin back so you have something to hold while painting).

 Pasta Angels Swaps - For each angel you need a large white lima bean, 2 elbow macaroni, 1 bow tie, 1 rigatoni, 1 wagon wheel and some ancini de pepe. Paint all the Pasta in whatever color you wish, White, gold or silver are the most common. The bean is the head (can use a bead instead) put some glue on it and dip it into the ancini de pepe for hair. On top of the hair glue on the wagon wheel for the halo. Glue the head on to the top of the Rigatoni. On the back glue on the bow tie for the wings. Use the elbow macaroni for arms. The angel can hold on to something if you wish to add a small object. Decorate with glitter glue, ribbon rickrack etc if desired. Glue a pin on the back.

 Girl Scouts Sparkle - Print out "GIRL SCOUTS SPARKLE" and troop number in a nice, small font and cut them into a small circle shape (about 1" in diameter). Pull out about 6" of clear packing tape and sprinkled 1/2 of it with sparkle confetti. Put message face down on the un-sprinkled half and fold the tape on top of itself . Cut around the circles and add a pin.

 Sunflower Girl - Materials: 3/4" Rounded Peg, flesh tone paint, 1 Silk Sunflower, Small Mini Curled Hair, Hot Glue Gun, Small Pin Back. Paint the rounded peg the preference of flesh tone you care to have. Let dry. Take the sunflower apart. Hot glue peg in the middle of the sunflower. Glue on googly eyes and a small piece of hair on top and pin onto the back.  Draw on rest of face with marker.

 Sleeping Girl Scout - Paint a wooden spoon with flesh colored acrylic paint. When dry, paint on facial features. Glue on hair. Cut a 6-inch by 1-1/4 inch piece of felt. Fold in half and glue the edges, stopping ½ inch from open end. Fold ½ inch over on one side and glue. Stuff one cotton ball inside sleeping bag for camper’s body, then insert spoon girl. If desired, make a tiny pillow, stuffed with a cotton ball. Glue under camper’s head.

 Styrofoam Shrinkies - Materials: Styrofoam meat trays (cleaned and sanitized), cookie cutters, markers. With cookie cutters, cut shapes out of the Styrofoam. Color with markers. Bake in oven on low temperature until they shrink. Safety Note: be sure to have proper ventilation and to watch the shrinkies closely, so they will not melt. Attach a pin back.