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Cub Scout Pack 356
(Cheney, Washington)
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Cub Scouts - Getting Started

Registration -- $50.00
Annual Registration
-- $24.00 (January thru December)
Boy's Life Magazine -- $15.00 (12 Issues)

Tiger Cub - First Grade Boys + Adult partner
Wolf Cub - Second Grade Boys (or is 8 yrs old)
Bear Cub - Third Grade Boys (or is 9 yrs old)
Webelos Scouts 1 - Fourth Grade Boys (or is 10 yrs old)
Webelos Scouts 2 - Fifth Grade Boys (or is 11 yrs old)

Official Cub Scout Outfit
** Each Cub Scout needs an official "Handbook" **
Ball Cap
Official Shirt
Neckerchief Slide

Optional: Cub Scout Belt

Note: each cub level has it's own ball cap, neckerchief and slide with that levels own designated animal.
The official shirt is used for each of the levels.

The official Cub scout shirt must also have the following patches or emblems
1.) Pack Numbers = 356
2.) Council Shoulder Patch = Inland Northwest Council Washington
3.) World Crest
4.) Den #

Council Store:
411 W Boy Scout Way
Spokane, WA 99201
(509) 325-0932