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Troop 1299 Merit Badge Process

 Boy Scout Blue Card

Boy Scout Merit Badge Blue Card

  1. A Merit Badge (MB) application is obtained form the Merit Badge Coordinator
  2. The Scout then gets the Scout Master’s Approval by getting the Blue Card signed by the scoutmaster.
  3. A Merit Badge Counselor (MBC) is assigned by Advancement/Award Chairman or Scout Master and then the scout is given the signed Blue card.
  4. All merit badges must be completed on the troops Merit Badge Worksheets
  5. The MBC and Scout have a conference about the MB.
    1. This Troop 1299 Merit Badge Process is explained to the scout requesting the blue card.
    2. They discuss in detail what is required and expected for each and every requirement.
    3. The MBC explains which part can be done at home and what is required for proof of completion.
      The MBC explains which parts has to be presented in front of troop.
    4. The MBC explains which parts need to be done in front of the MBC.
    5. This is all done so everything is understood before going in to each endeavor.
    6. At this time it is explained which of the requirements must be recorded on the MB worksheet.
  6. The MBC and Scout (Initiated and requested by the scout unless the MBC deems otherwise) will have weekly, bi-weekly or monthly status reports.
    1. This time period really depends on the complexity and length of MB in question and is set during the MBC conference) to track scouts progress and further clarify the requirements if needed.
    2. The MBC will initial on the worksheet each requirement that has been satisfactorily completed.
    3. The MBC will contact the Advancement Chairman and an entry into tracking software (A Troop 1299 requirement) and on the blue card (BSA required) after each successful requirement is completed.
  7. Upon full completion of the MB Worksheet, a full review of the MB to the MBC to confirm compliance with the requirements.
  8. Signature of MBC on blue card.
  9. Signature of Scout Master on blue card.
  10. Blue Card divided into three parts, Troop Record, Applicants Record and Counselors record.
    1. Scout receives the badge he has earned.
    2. Scout receives the applicants' record from the blue card.
  11. Scout is officially recognized (Presented MB Card) at the Court of Honor in front of peers, parents and leaders


  • MB Worksheets can be typed or hand written as long as they are legible.
  • The work MUST be the Scouts work; parents should help but let the scout earn it.
  • It's not the badge that's important, but what is learned by completing the requirements.
  • One or two word answers on the worksheet are not acceptable.
  • The scout should clearly state what he means without the need for interpretation.
  • Please feel free to attach ANYTHING to the worksheet, such as pictures, videos, documents from other parties etc.
  • Feel free to ask any questions.

Merit Badge Counselors

Icon File Name Comment  
2018 Troop 1299 Merit Badge Counselors.xlsx Interactive tool to identify Merit Badge Counselors. Search by badge or counselor or Eagle required.  

Boy Scout Merit Badge Worksheets

Boy Scout Merit Badges

Go to Merit Badge Requirements

Click on any of the Merit Badges to download the Microsoft Word version of the Worksheet

Download All Merit Badge Worksheets at Once
MS Word     (.ZIP 2.6MB ~ .RAR 2.4MB)
Adobe PDF  (.ZIP 25.5MB ~ .RAR 24.7MB)
Individual PDF versions of Worksheets

Centennial Merit Badges
Requirements Worksheets Original
Merit Badge Book
(11.8 MB)
(17 MB)
(22.1 MB)
(7.6 MB)

Click On badge for MS Word™ Document
American Business Merit Badge American Cultures Merit Badge American Heritage Merit Badge American Labor Merit Badge
American Business American Cultures American Heritage American Labor
Animal Science Merit Badge Archaeology Merit Badge Archery Merit Badge Architecture Merit Badge
Animal Science Archaeology Archery Architecture
Art Merit Badge Astronomy Merit Badge Athletics Merit Badge Automotive Maintenance Merit Badge
Art Astronomy Athletics Automotive Maintenance
Aviation Merit Badge Backpacking Merit Badge Basketry Merit Badge Bird Study Merit Badge
Aviation Backpacking Basketry Bird Study
Bugling Merit Badge Camping Merit Badge Canoeing Merit Badge Chemistry Merit Badge
Bugling Camping
Canoeing Chemistry
Cinematography Merit Badge Citizenship in the Community Merit Badge Citizenship in the Nation Merit Badge Citizenship in the World Merit Badge
Cinematography Citizenship in the Community
Citizenship in the Nation
Citizenship in the World
Climbing Merit Badge Coin Collecting Merit Badge Collections Merit Badge Communications Merit Badge
Climbing Coin Collecting Collections Communications
Composite Materials Merit Badge Computers Merit Badge Cooking Merit Badge Crime Prevention Merit Badge
Composite Materials Computers Cooking Crime Prevention
Cycling Dentistry Merit Badge Disabilities Awareness Merit Badge Dog Care Merit Badge
Dentistry Disabilities Awareness Dog Care
Drafting Merit Badge Electricity Merit Badge Electronics Merit Badge Emergency Preparedness Merit Badge
Drafting Electricity Electronics Emergency Preparedness
Energy Merit Badge Engineering Merit Badge Entrepreneurship Merit Badge Environmental Science Merit Badge
Energy Engineering Entrepreneurship Environmental Science
Family Life Merit Badge Farm Mechanics Merit Badge Fingerprinting Merit Badge Fire Safety Merit Badge
Family Life
Farm Mechanics Fingerprinting Fire Safety
First Aid Merit Badge Fish and Wildlife Management Merit Badge Fishing Merit Badge Fly Fishing
First Aid
Fish and Wildlife Management Fishing Fly Fishing
Forestry Merit Badge Gardening Merit Badge Genealogy Merit Badge Geology Merit Badge
Forestry Gardening Genealogy Geology
Golf Merit Badge Graphic Arts Merit Badge Hiking Home Repairs Merit Badge
Golf Graphic Arts Hiking Home Repairs
Horsemanship Merit Badge Indian Lore Merit Badge Insect Study Merit Badge Journalism
Horsemanship Indian Lore Insect Study Journalism
Landscape Architecture Merit Badge Law Merit Badge Leatherwork Merit Badge Lifesaving Merit Badge
Landscape Architecture Law Leatherwork Lifesaving
Mammal Study Merit Badge Medicine Merit Badge Metalwork Merit Badge Model Design and Building Merit Badge
Mammal Study Medicine Metalwork Model Design and Building
Motorboating Merit Badge Music Merit Badge Nature Merit Badge Nuclear Science Merit Badge
Motorboating Music Nature Nuclear Science
Oceanography Merit Badge Orienteering Merit Badge Painting Merit Badge Personal Fitness Merit Badge
Oceanography Orienteering Painting Personal Fitness
Personal Management Merit Badge Pets Merit Badge Photography Merit Badge Pioneering Merit Badge
Personal Management
Pets Photography Pioneering
Plant Science Merit Badge Plumbing Merit Badge Pottery Merit Badge Public Health Merit Badge
Plant Science Plumbing Pottery Public Health
Public Speaking Merit Badge Pulp and Paper Merit Badge Radio Merit Badge Railroading
Public Speaking Pulp and Paper Radio Railroading
Reading Merit Badge Reptile and Amphibian Study Merit Badge Rifle Shooting Merit Badge Rowing Merit Badge
Reading Reptile and Amphibian Study Rifle Shooting Rowing
Safety Merit Badge Salesmanship Merit Badge Scholarship Merit Badge Sculpture Merit Badge
Safety Salesmanship Scholarship Sculpture
Shotgun Shooting Merit Badge Skating Merit Badge Small-Boat Sailing Merit Badge Snow Sports
Shotgun Shooting Skating Small-Boat Sailing Snow Sports
Soil and Water Conservation Merit Badge Space Exploration Merit Badge Sports Merit Badge Stamp Collecting Merit Badge
Soil and Water Conservation Space Exploration Sports Stamp Collecting
Surveying Merit Badge Swimming Merit Badge Textile Merit Badge Theater Merit Badge
Surveying Swimming
Textile Theater
Traffic Safety Merit Badge Truck Transportation Merit Badge Veterinary Medicine Merit Badge Waterskiing Merit Badge
Traffic Safety Truck Transportation Veterinary Medicine Water Sports
Weather Merit Badge Whitewater Merit Badge Wilderness Survival Merit Badge Wood Carving Merit Badge
Weather Whitewater Wilderness Survival Wood Carving
Woodwork Merit Badge      

The worksheets listed below were developed by Craig Lincoln, and reflect the current requirements.

Merit Badge Counselors