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The Brownie Uniform

The official Brownie Scout colors are brown bottoms and light blue or white tops. Rarely, we will ask the girls to wear these colors for more formal events. Tan or khaki pants are fine instead of brown.


The only item girls must wear to be in uniform are all on the insignia tab. The Insignia tab has the Girl Scout Trefoil pin (or the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts pin) at the top and the Brownie pin at the bottom.

Girls are strongly encourage to wear their sashes or vests to display the badges they have earned (on the front) and show the fun activities they have participated in (on the back). Our troop will provide a sash for each girl, but you are welcome to purchase a vest if you prefer.

Uniform clothes are not required but we may ask the girls to wear certain colors or items for specific events. The scouts will decorate t-shirts that we will use for our travel events.

Pants, shorts, or skirts should be of suitable length and fit comfortable to allow the girls to be active.

Next Year: Juniors!! The troop will purchase a Junior vest and patches for any active member as of the 2014/2015 membership year. New members will be asked to help pay for their vest at the start of the 2015/2016 year.