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Boy Scout Troop 373
(Lafayette, Indiana)
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The troop has an outing every month!

What Troop 373 Has Been Up To...

Troop 373 keeps busy!

We recently helped with one of our Scout's Eagle project


Then we went to Explorations Acres and had fun on the Corn Mazes!


The older boys in the Troop went to Boundary Waters in Ely, Minnesota for a week long High Adventure trip....


The Troop attends Summer Camp every year as well...


The troop helped an older scout with his Eagle project - it was a great experience and the boys really enjoyed the opportunity to help a fellow scout!


The troop has a private camp site that they are working on clearing and getting ready.


First the boys did more cleaning and clearing on the campsite...

then they had some fun...


Then it was time for dinner and cooking on the backpack stoves!


The boys worked on their private campsite.  They cleared a wooded area and made way for tents and a fire pit.  In the process, they found a camp mascot whom they named Bob!



BOB the Camp Mascot!

 The troop went to Camp Buffalo to run the orienteering course.  We walked A LOT but had a really fun day!

Determining our bearing and distance so we could find the next marker...

coordinating where we had been....
Taking time for lunch!
Still walking...
Deer definately didn't mind us...
Troop 373 Core 4 and special guest Alex!
The entrance to Camp Buffalo!

The boys camped at Cary Camp and went Canoeing on Saturday!  Fishing was attempted but the story goes that the fish weren't biting!  The boys cooked all the meals themselves and everyone ate very well!  Yet another good time! 

Caught one!!!!


The troop goes to Camp Cullom for the International Star Party!  The boys work on their Astronomy merit badges and have a great time!



     The boys are responsible for cooking entirely by themselves on these weekends!



Everyone had a great time over the weekend!  The Star Party was a lot of fun!