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Pack 324 2013 Pinewood Derby

Pack 324,

Start Your Engines!

It’s time for the

2013 Pinewood Derby!


Saturday March 16th


(Time TBD but in the morning)

 Cedar Elementary Cafeteria


Registration:  Friday March 15th from 6:30-8 pm at Cedar Elementary Cafeteria.

Only cars registered on Friday and impounded may participate in the Design and Race competitions.  All cars will need to pass inspection during the registration process.  Cars will be checked for proper dimensions, weight and other “non-factory” installed options.  Only dry graphite lube will be permitted.  Once a car is registered and passed inspection it may compete in both the Racing and Car Design portions of the Derby.  The rules set forth below are intended to make the Races and the Design Competition as fair and fun as possible for all Scouts.  Each car kit comes with the official BSA rules sheet.  Pack Rules always control, so check with pack leadership and this info sheet if you have any questions.


Cars that miss the Friday registration window and show up on Saturday will be permitted to run in the open class only.  They also will not be eligible for the design competition. 





The judging will take place before races by volunteer judges.  Certificates will be awarded for various categories.  Only cars that have been registered by the close of registration on Friday will be eligible for design judging.


Design competition categories include:

Best Red Car       

Best Yellow Car

Best Blue Car

Best Black Car

Most Realistic

Most Futuristic

Most Patriotic


Best Workmanship

Best Paint Job

Fastest Looking Car

Strangest Shape

Most Humorous

Judge’s Choice

Best Decals

Best In-car Driver

Most Creative

Most Aerodynamic

Most Colorful

Most Original Design

Best Non-Car Car (boat, spaceship, etc)





Cars will be inspected and weighed by the appointed racing staff during registration for compliance with the specifications set forth below. Cars that fail to meet specifications will not be permitted to race.   If a car does not pass inspection, the Scout will be informed of the reason for failure, and will be given time within the Registration period to make any necessary adjustment.  After final approval, cars will not be re-inspected or weighed unless the car is damaged in handling or in a race.  More detail on the actual race format will be provided closer to race day.



All cars will be considered impounded and not available to the Scout from the time they finish the registration process until the race is complete.  The only exception will be if the car is damaged during the race.




Body: The body in the official BSA Pinewood Derby Kit must be used. Bodies of other materials will be disqualified. The body may be shaped, hollowed out, or built up from the original block as long as it meets all other specifications. The nose of the car cannot be grooved or slotted in any manner which causes it to have any part of the front of the car past the starting peg. Any additions to the original body (drivers, decals, paint, weights, etc.) must be firmly attached.


Dimensions: The car width at the wheel locations may not be modified.  It must be the same as the original kit (1 3/4"). Other portions of the car body width may be narrower if desired.  Overall width (measured to the outside of the wheels) may not exceed 2 3/4".  Overall length may not exceed 7".  This includes any weights, decorative tailpipes, etc.  Overall height may not exceed 5". Minimum bottom clearance below the body must be at least 3/8" to prevent dragging on the guide strip.  Bottom mounted weights may not drag on the track.  CHECK YOUR CLEARANCES! 


No exceptions to dimensions will be allowed.  In the past we have allowed the length, height, and weight dimensions to be exceeded for the car design judging only.  However, for time reasons and to avoid confusion when it comes to race time this will not be allowed this year.


Wheels & Axles: Only official BSA Pinewood Derby wheels and axles are allowed. Wheels other than those provided in the kit may be used only if they are official BSA wheels.  No washers, bushings, bearings, rubber tubing, or springs are allowed. Axles may be polished. The bottom surface of the wheels may be sanded to remove any blemishes left from manufacturing. No additional shaping of the wheels is allowed (such as sanding/turning into a "V" or "U" shape). Wheel surface must remain flat with full tread surface and all four wheels should touch the ground.


Weight:  The weight of the race-ready car must not exceed five (5) ounces.  Weight will be measured using the official scales when the car is registered.  You may want to target 4.9 ounces to account for any differences between your scale and the official scale.  If your car is overweight you will have until the end of the registration period to get it under 5 ounces.  After the official weigh-in is successful, no adjustments may be made to the car.  Wood or solid metal may be used as weight.  Mercury or other liquids may not be used as a weight.


Lubricant:  Graphite is the only approved lubricant.  No oil or silicone may be used.  Lubricant may be applied by the Scout or parent only prior to impoundment on Friday night. 


Car Numbers:  Assigned numbers will be temporarily attached to the car with a label by the racing staff at the time of registration.  Other numbers (decals) may appear on the car, but the assigned number will be used for tracking the cars by the racing staff.


Other:  Cars must freewheel with no stored energy or movable weights.  There is no designated front or back to the supplied body - either end may be the front.  If desired, the Scout may label the front of the car on the bottom to avoid confusion by the race staff.


Sportsmanship: Scouting encourages good sportsmanship. Cars will be disqualified if the Scout or his parents display unsportsmanlike conduct on the race site.  Remember, it is only a race and the object is for all Scouts to have a great time!   Adults-- PLEASE let your boys work on the cars!


CARS ARE TO BE NEW BUILDS.  No cars from previous years will be permitted in the 2013 derby.



There will be a pit area available during the race in case repairs are needed as a result of an accident.  Cars will be re-inspected and allowed to continue if track worthy, but no lubricant may be applied in the pit.