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Raingutter Regatta Rules 2019

Official Raingutter Regatta Rules for 2019


 1. Overview – “Just what is a Raingutter Regatta?”

The Raingutter Regatta is a boat race that is designed to be a parent-son project. Please feel free to give

guidance and minimal assistance to your Scout as he builds his Raingutter Regatta boat, appropriate to

his age.This is a chance for your son to be part of a team (he and you), and to enjoy the spirit of friendly

competition with his peers. These “Official Raingutter Regatta Rules” are written to help you keep it

simple and fun for your child, and to know what to expect when it comes time to race your boat.

2. Ground Rules for Participation – “Who can race?”

 Here are our participation guidelines:

a. The raceis open to all Tiger Cubs, Cub Scouts and Webelos Scouts registered to Pack 72.

b. Each scout may enter only one boat in the competition. They should have a significant level of

participation in building their boat (designing, sanding, gluing, painting, decorating,etc.).

c. The boat must have been built during the current program year (the school year in which the

Regatta is held). Boats that have competed in a previous regatta are not permitted. Trimaran

kits will be the only boats allowed this year.  You can find these kits at the scout store and at different pack 72

meetings.  The cost for these kits are $5.00 each.  It is kit #612513 Trimaran Boat.

3. Boat Specifications – “Are there boat building rules?”

To ensure that the race is as fair as possible, all boats must be made from the BSA Raingutter Regatta

kits. However, the materials supplied in the kit can be modified or added to somewhat. On every boat,

all the materials provided in the kit must be used in the boat construction. Also, no other form of

propulsion besides the sail is allowed. Here are some additional boat construction details to be aware of:

a. Hull:Length between 6-1/2" and 7” (maximum); Beam of no more than 3 1/2”. Hull should be

painted,stained, or otherwise finished to minimize water-logging during the race.

b. Mast:Height limit is 6 1/2”(maximum) from deck to top. Masts may not be extended,but may

be decorated.

c. Sail: Supplied in kit, may be trimmed but not enlarged or added to (except for decorations).

Thank you,

Cub Master Eric Barre