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Boy Scout Troop 46
(Tuxedo/Sloatsburg, New York)
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Merit Badge Information

By BSA design, Scouts work on merit badges "on their own" away from the regular weekly meetings. This enables scouts to work at their own pace and gets them used to interacting with adults who are not their parents (part of his natural growth). As stated above, it assures that a Scout works on things that interest HIM. 21 badges are required to earn Eagle. There are 12 "Eagle required" badges (white bands) which present him with a wide array of knowledge and the remaining 9 or more (green bands) allow him to choose badges that interest him.

Please refer to the files attached to the bottom of this page for detail description of Merit Badge Program, Boards Of Review, Eagle Scout Rank, and list of Local Merit Badge Counselors.

How Do You Earn A Merit Badge?

When a scout wants to work on a merit badge, they must contact a merit badge counselor personally. A merit badge counselor is someone approved by council and the district to teach a specific badge. Different badges will have different merit badge counselors. When heading for eagle scout, council likes to see that different merit badge counselors are used so the scout is exposed to different adult mentors. Scouts, Tenderfoots, Second Class and First Class Scout's primary goal is to work on rank requirements while completing a badge here and there. After First Class rank is when the merit badge completion becomes necessary for rank advancement.

The scout should get approval and advice from troop leadership before working on the badges. After which, they will be given a blue card from one of the leaders. Don't worry if your scout already started working on a badge, we will work out getting the blue card, but the counselor may want the scout to repeat what they have done, so it's better for the future to get the blue card...then the counselor...then start the badge after speaking to the counselor to learn about the expectation. The scout must fill out the merit badge card and present it to the merit badge counselor when they meet. Scouts are never allowed to meet alone with a merit badge counselor for child protection reasons.
Icon File Name Comment  
bsa_advancement_sec7_Merit_Badge_Program.pdf Merit Badge Program (from BSA Advancement Guide, Section 7)  
bsa_advancement_sec8_Boards_of_Review.pdf Boards Of Review (from BSA Advancement Guide, Section 8)  
bsa_advancement_sec9_Eagle_Scout_Rank.pdf Eagle Scout Rank (from BSA Advancement Guide, Section 9)