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Boy Scout Troop 28
(Platte City, Missouri)
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Name         1st   2nd  3rd  4th  5th  6th
 Larry Easter  Communication          
 Keith Corbin            
 Mike Vanek
 Bird Study
 Reptile and Amphibian Study
 Fishing  Fish and Wildlife Management
 Motorboating  Personal Management
 Tammy Parsons
 Dog Care
 Pets  Environmental Science
 Vet Medicine
 Nature  Animal Science
 Diane Carter
 Cooking  Gardening        
 Casey Snodgrass
 Architecture  Painting  Motor Boating
 American Labor
 Composite Materials
 First Aid
 Tommy Jaynes             Backpacking     Hiking  Personal Fitness  Pioneering  Climbing  Wilderness Survival
 Heidi Stoetzel             American Heritage  Citizenship-Nation  Family Life  Law  Orienteering  Weather
 Michael Stephenson
 Coin Collecting
 Communication  Fishing  Geocaching  Pets  Public Speaking
 Jon Bietz
 Swimming  Cooking  Photography  Public Speaking
Lisa Millerd
 Rick Millerd
 Athletics  Collections  Family Life
 Golf  Sports  Weather
 Bryce Corbin
 Swimming  Lifesaving  First Aid
 Chris Corbin
 Chemistry  Emergency Preparedness
 Environmental Science
 Insect Life
 Mammals  Nature
 Derek Snyder
 Astronomy  Chess  Digital Tech.
 Geocaching  Programming