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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the goal of Pack 527?

The goal of this pack is to teach our boys values, to see that they have fun, and to prepare them to enter Boy Scouts. We want each of our scouts to become an Eagle Scout one day. (And a great many of our former Cubs have done just that)


What will Pack 527 do this year?

In addition to pack meetings and den meetings, we will have family camp-outs, numerous scout nights, march in the Christmas Parade, a big out-of-town camp out (Jekyll Island with fishing, water park, Turtle Center and hiking!), the Pinewood Derby, our Blue and Gold Banquet, and much more.  A copy of our Calendar of Events for this Scout year can be found on the “Upcoming Events” page of our website,


When and Where are meetings?

Pack meetings are held once a month from August through May at Richmond Hill United Methodist Church (RHUMC). Meetings are usually on the first Monday, with a couple exceptions due to holidays and/or special events. In addition, each Den meets on Mondays weekly in one of the classrooms at the church. The Den Leaders will start with a quick Pack meeting then break out into Den meetings.


What kinds of uniform does my son need?

It is expected that Scouts wear their uniforms to all pack and den meetings. Class A uniforms for Tiger Cubs (1st graders), Wolves (2nd graders), and Bears (3rd graders) are the familiar blue Cub Scout uniform. It consists of hat, shirt, pants, neckerchief, slide, belt, and socks. Webelos (4th & 5th graders) wear a tan Boy Scout shirt with blue shoulder straps, green Boy Scout pants, Webelos belt, and Webelos neckerchief and slide. The pack does not require the pants or socks.  The cost for a shirt, belt, neckerchief, and slide is around $50.  The approximate cost for a complete uniform including hat, pants, and socks is $90

            The Class B uniform consists of the Pack T-shirt in place of the Class A uniform shirt. Pack 527 will give each scout a Class B t-shorts once Pack dues are paid. Additional shirts may be purchased for the Scouts and family membes.


Where do I get uniforms and other scouts stuff?

            You can purchase them at the Council office on 11900 Abercorn Expressway in Savannah. The hours vary on weekends, but they are generally open from 9:00 to 5:00 on weekdays.  There is additional information about the Scout Shop, including maps and contact information, on the “Uniform Info” page of our website.


Do I attend Pack meetings? And can my other children come to pack meeting?

Yes and yes. Boys are recognized for achievement at pack meetings, and it is important for you to be there in support of your son during his recognition. Scouting works best when you are engaged in the experience. Pack meeting and events are for the Cub Scout and their family.


Are parents supposed to be involved in the pack?

Yes, they are. There will be multiple opportunities for parents to be involved in all aspects of the Pack.  Without the help of parents, our Scout program would not be possible.  There is a wealth of information about parental involvement in scouting at



Are there Pack leadership opportunities?

The Pack is always looking for new leaders to assist in planning and carrying out our program.  The jobs vary widely based on your interests and the time you have to give.  Some examples include:

·        Den Leaders and Assistant Den Leaders – these people are the front line in teaching our boys all that Scouting has to offer.

·        Secretary – this person will attend Pack Committee meetings, document the proceedings, and assist with administering the Pack website.

·        Christmas Parade Float Committee- this committee is responsible for planning the float as dictated by the parade theme and securing necessary supplies. They also plan the time and place to decorate the float and supervise that event.

·        Pinewood Derby Chairperson - this person is responsible for coordinating set-up and decoration on the day prior to the race. They will get the trophies and other awards for the boys and provide arrange refreshments on race day. They should also make sure, through den leaders, that all boys have the opportunity to make a car.

·        Blue and Gold Banquet Committee - this is our annual rank advancement event party.  The committee for this is responsible for planning decorating, and securing entertainment for this event.

·        Scouting for Food Chairperson - this is our biggest annual service project. The chairperson will be responsible for planning and executing this event.

·        Food Co-Op Organizer- this person plans meals, purchases the food for those meals (using Pack funds), and coordinates with our Camp Cook to see that everything is packed up and ready to go prior to each camp out.

·        Trunk-or-Treat Coordinator- this person organizes our annual Trunk-or-Treat event which immediately follows our October Pack meeting.


Where does the pack get its money and how does it spend it?

The Pack program is funded entirely by fundraisers such as popcorn sales, and camp cards, or dues. This is why we expect each family to participate in these fund raisers and to meet a goal.  If the goal is met, there are no dues.  If a family elects not to participate in the fundraisers, dues may be paid instead.  Dues for new scouts joining in the fall 2014 school year are $100 per scout, which includes a pinewood derby car, rain gutter regatta kit and advancement awards. Remember, the dues are waived if you meet the popcorn goal (see fundraising). Final dues payments should be made at or before the November Pack meeting.


This amount does not cover your re-charter fees of $37 per year (January to December) including insurance and a subscription to Boy’s Life Magazine.  A boy joining for the first time in August would pay additional registration fees cover the five months between August and December.


What type of fundraising does the pack do?

The Pack's main fundraiser during the year is popcorn sales. This is the BSA sponsored fundraiser with which Scout's dues can be completely or partially paid for. The pack receives 30% of the proceeds from popcorn sales. Therefore, if your son sells $377 in popcorn, he owes no additional dues. Also, we offer incentive to sell extra popcorn by allowing boys to apply extra sales to their spring trip. We typically use a 22% multiplier for this amount. Therefore, if the scout sells an additional $477 in popcorn (for 2015-16), his big Spring camping trip (Jekyll Island) will either be covered or price reduced for the Scout. In addition to this incentive there are prizes and gift cards associated with different levels of popcorn sales.


Is Pack 527 affiliated with a Boy Scout Troop?

Absolutely! Richmond Hill United Methodist Church also sponsors Troop 527. Our Webelos enter Troop 527 when they crossover into the Boy Scouts in the spring. We have several families whose sons are now in the Boy Scout Troop. The result is that there is close cooperation between Pack 527 and Troop 527.

What if I have more questions?

Contact our Cubmaster, Dana DuBois at  You may also use the “Contact Our Pack” link on our website;