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Policies Enacted by the Troop Leaders' Council

Late Arrivals to Outings - 3/2/19

  • As soon as all expected participants are present, the troop will depart.

  • If expected participants have not arrived by the published departure time, as determined by the Scoutmaster’s clock, the troop will wait until 5 minutes past the published departure time. At that time, the troop will depart.  

  • If a participant expects to arrive late, he or she may call the Scoutmaster prior to troop departure and request a new departure time. In this case the Scoutmaster will determine if the troop can afford to wait until this new time, and will say if the troop will wait or not. The troop will then depart as soon as the delayed participant arrives, or at the new departure time.

Minimizing food in Troop Room - 3/2/19

  • When planning any menu, the Troop Room must be checked for food, and the food found there is to be incorporated into the menu being planned to the greatest extent possible.

Electronics - 5/22/19

  • Electronic games are prohibited during all Scouting activities

  • Cell phones are to be stowed and deactivated except in the following circumstances:

    • In the car, travelling to and from activities

    • In emergencies

  • Music

    • Music may be listened to with the use of earphones in the following circumstances:

      • After "lights out"

      • During the day when a Scout is not "under orders" ( e.g. performing duties as specified by a senior Scout, or an adult leader)

      • During the day when a Scout is not participating an a planned program (e.g. a camporee, First Aid Meet, Merit Badge session, etc.)

  • Exceptions to these rules may be granted by the Patrol Leader, Senior Patrol Leader, the Scoutmaster or their proxies