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Popcorn Sales Start September 1st!
Your popcorn sales help fund our pack so we can provide you with the many activities you participate in.  

This includes Pack event materials (Rigatta boats, pinewood cars, rockets, patches, awards, and other material), all of our council and pack camp discounts, and our council's rechartering costs.  Please join our Pack committee meetings for more information.

The more you sell, the better the discounts throughout the year!
Below attachments are printable Military Donation Rcpts, & Online Sales Instructions.

 Go to the Coronado Area Council Popcorn section for more information (Click Here).  Click on the Power point links to know what I know.

Popcorn Sales begin September 1st

Are you ready to sell popcorn?
Remember, door-to-door sales is the FASTEST WAY to fill up your sheet!

Popcorn sales help fund our Pack activities through the year.  Our Pack goal is to sell a minimum of $600 per scout.  Attached is our Pack's popcorn goal sheet.  Sell more popcorn to get free scout admission to camps and gear!

Turn in filled Order Form Sheets to our Popcorn Kernal.  Contact Dave for where to drop off or bring to our next Pack meeting.

Dates to Remember:
*September 1 - Popcorn Sales Start *September 23 - Have online sales set up
*October 16- ALL ORDER FORMS and money turned in! *November 3 - Popcorn Sort, Then Pickup
*December 18 - Popcorn Awards event

Reminders & Tips:

-Wear your class ‘A’ Uniform when selling -Collect money when you sell

-Have Checks written to ‘Pack 29’ -Provide a receipt for their purchase

-Always say thank you! -Extra forms are at the scout office

-Turn in COPIES of completed forms to scout office (or fax 785-825-7752) each week to enter in a drawing prize

- Don’t forget online sales at

See attachments below for:

Helpful Selling Tips
Printable Additional Order Form Sheet
Popcorn Goal Sheet
Printable Military Donation Receipts
Printable Popcorn Receipts
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P29 Popcorn Goal sheet.pdf