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 Basics for New Scouts



Just as a sports uniform identifies a boy with a team, the Scout uniform identifies a boy with the largest voluntary youth movement in the world. The Scout uniform tends to diminish the importance of a person's financial, social, and ethnic background, while clearly showing each individual's Scouting accomplishments. Whenever a Scout sees another person in a Scout uniform, he knows he is like that person because both have committed themselves principles of the Scout Oath and Law. The Scout Oath and Law bind all Scouts of the world together in a common purpose.

By wearing the uniform, Scouts give each other strength and support. It helps them to feel like part of the team.

Beyond accenting the common bond between Scouts, by wearing the uniform Scouts are declaring their faith and commitment to some important beliefs that bind them to all people. It is a way of making visible their belief in God, their loyalty to our country and their commitment to helping other people who need them.

How the uniform can help the troop

  1. When smartly worn, the uniform can help build good troop spirit.
  2. By investing in a uniform, a Scout and his parents are really making a kind of a commitment to take Scouting seriously.
  3. The uniform makes the troop visible as a force for good in the community.
  4. Scouts in uniform create a strong, positive, youth image in the neighborhood, thus helping to counteract the negative feeling some adults have about youth.

The following is the official uniform of Troop 1107

      Class "A" Shirt (official tan w/khaki shoulder tabs)
      Flag, Council and Troop 1107 patches
      Belt (optional)(official khaki web belt or other scout belt)
      Pants/Shorts (official khaki preferred, but ones of similar color acceptable.  Denim is also acceptable for non-campout events.)
      Socks (official BSA khaki, white/solid colors)
      Neckerchief and slide
      Class “B” T-shirt (can be purchased through Janice Bryner
      Official placement of insignia may be found on the inside front and back cover of the Scout Handbook.

Uniform and insignia can be purchased at: 

Northern Virginia Scout Shop
5234 Port Royal Rd
Springfield, VA 22151

Troop 1107 expectations for wearing the uniform

  • The Scout uniform must be worn on all Troop activities and events unless otherwise specified, this includes wearing the uniform when traveling to and from camping trips. 
  • Class "A" shirt with olive green or denim or Scout shorts or pants must be worn to Troop meetings. 
  • The shirt must be tucked in.  
  • No open toe shoes, flip flops, or sandals are permitted.  
  • Courts of Honor require full uniform: Class "A", neckerchief, sash, pants or shorts as listed above.

Camping Trips & Equipment

Our Troop plans monthly camping trips.  While not required, camping is a great way to learn Scout skills,  achieve advancement requirements, work on merit badges and above all build friendships with the other Scouts.

Planning for all outings requires the work of the Troop leadership, parent volunteers, the Scouts and parents.  In most cases money and forms required to participate in outings are collected at the Troop meeting prior to the event.  Because there is a lot of work in getting the paperwork reviewed and the money ready to turn over to Scouts and Leaders we have an 8:00pm deadline on meeting nights for collecting money and forms.  If a Scout is not able to attend the meeting, he should make arrangements to turn in the money and forms before the meeting. 

Please remember we must collect event fees in cash, with exact amounts in order to divide the money between patrols so they can purchase food prior to the event. 

We very much appreciate your help in ensuring that the Troop can effectively prepare for our events.

See the Camping Lists link for suggested items to bring on a campout.