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Cub Scout Pack 14
(Greece, New York)
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  What makes a "TRAINED" leader?

Adult leaders are considered trained and eligible to wear the Official Trained emblem recognition once they have completed the basic trining requirements outlined below.

Basic training requirements for PACK 14 leaders:
- Fast Start
- Youth Protection (required every 2 years)
- This is Scouting
- Leader Specific (by position)
    - Cubmaster
    - Den Leader Fast Start
    - Pack Committee Fast Start
    - Scout Parents Unit Coordinator Fast Start
    - Tiger Cub Leader Position
    - Wolf Cub Leader Position
    - Bear Cub Leader Position
    - WEBELOS Leader Position

Supplemental and Advanced Training for Adults:
- Physical Wellness
- Safe Swim Defense
- Safety Afloat
- Weather Hazards
- Trek Safely
- Climb on Safely

LINK for Online Training:
  - Online Learning Center

Once you have completed your required training, print certificate and submit to PACK Trainer for records keeping.
If you have questions concerning training, please contact the PACK Trainer, Darren Kent.