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Pack 33 Uniforms

In our pack, we understand that not everyone has unlimited funds for activities, and uniform costs can be quite expensive!  To help keep the costs low but still give your child the chance to wear some uniformed-attire, in Pack 33, we supply every paid Cub Scout member with a Pack 33 shirt.  This year, the Pack 33 shirt is still being designed but hopefully will be completed very soon.

However, if you want your Cub Scout to wear the official uniform, feel free to check out sizes & styles at the Scout Store on Kenny Rd in Columbus, or online at Another useful place to get new or used uniforms is Ebay (though I've never successfully bid there, I hear many say they got a great deal), at the Thrift Store, or you could ask around the Pack and Boy Scout Troop to see if anyone has a uniform they are ready to sell. (Those little boys tend to outgrow their clothes so fast, so several boys have purchased multiple uniforms during Scouting)

For Cub Scouts, the official uniform is the dark blue shirt (long or short sleeves is up to the individual) complete with the Simon-Kenton Council Emblem on the LEFT shoulder and pack numbers (33) on the LEFT sleeve, and the National emblem on the LEFT-FRONT chest above the pocket (a purplish-blue circle).  If you buy the shirt at the store or at the online store, it should come with the Flag on the right sleeve and "Boy Scouts of America" embroidered on the right chest already, and many newer shirts also include the National emblem on the LEFT-FRONT.  Tiger, Wolf, Bear, Bobcat & Webelos badges can be placed directly on the LEFT front shirt pocket or in a plastic badge hanger, which attaches to the left-pocket-button.  The PANTS/SHORTS are dark blue.  The official pants/shorts are nice, but any good dark blue pants/shorts will work as long as the color is close.  (Some even wear jeans with the uniform shirt, though this is not acceptable for formal events)  In addition to the shirt & pants, the Cub Scout should have the official neckerchief that coordinates with the rank that he is working on/recently completed (Tiger= orange, Wolf= yellow Wolf, Bear= yellow Bear, Webelos= plaid) with either a matching scarf-clip or homemade slide.  Hats are also part of the uniform but not necessary unless attending a formal event.  They also coordinate to the rank of your Scout (and serve as an excellent place to display Webelos pins).

If your boy is a WEBELOS or ARROW OF LIGHT, he can wear the Cub Scout blue uniform OR the Boy Scout Khaki shirt & green pants. If he wears the Khaki, he may continue displaying the Bobcat, Tiger, Wolf, Bear & Webelos badges on the LEFT front, but these must be removed once he becomes a Boy Scout. The ONLY Cub Scout rank allowed on a Boy Scout uniform is the Arrow of Light patch.