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Cub Scout Pack 4031
(Bayamon, Puerto Rico)
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(Disciples of Christ) Scout Leaders

National Association of Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) Scout Leaders

A Disciples Relationship

Welcome to the official website for The National Association of Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) Boy Scout, Girl Scout, and Camp Fire Leaders. Our association cooperates with both Disciples Home Missions and the national youth serving agencies (Boy Scouts of America, Girl Scouts of the U.S.A., and Camp Fire Boys and Girls). Please feel free to browse through this site and find out more about our ministry. And if you would like more information or wish to join the association, we would welcome your contacting us.

Membership in the Association


The Disciples Unit Award of Excellence

Purpose of the Award

The purpose of the Disciples Unit Award of Excellence is to recognize outstanding pack, troops, teams, crews, and posts who promote and employ religious activities in their year-round program. It is designed to help motivate units to become more involved with the "Duty to God" principles of Scouting thereby improving their effectiveness in providing the youth with a top-quality program.

Implementing the program

Each unit and its affiliated organizations that have met the criteria established by the National Association of Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) Boy Scout, Girl Scout, and Camp Fire Leaders may submit the application for this award.

Each unit may receive this recognition on its own merit for a particular calendar year and may re-earn it for succeeding years providing the established criteria is met each year. Each January, eligible units should complete and submit this application as specified in the Submitting section of this form.

Access to forms

For your convenience, we have created a PDF file of the form. You may download it by clicking the link below. Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view the file. Go to the Adobe Acrobat Reader download site for a free copy of the program.

Scouting as a Ministry

All of these organizations—Camp Fire Boys and Girls, Girl Scouts, and Boy Scouts—are recognized for their proven service to children, youth and their families, building life-skills, confidence, and leadership abilities. Many churches see these organizations as extensions of their mission and ministries. They provide valuable children's and youth programs that are ready-to-use, and come with lots of ongoing support and training for leaders. As you see here, adult leaders who are members of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) even have their own association!

While all the civic youth service organizations share a common goal of raising strong, healthy, well-rounded young people, each has a unique history and approach. Congregations of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) are encouraged to explore the offerings of each organization. Many churches have discovered a renewed sense of mission and evangelism through these programs. It's all about caring outreach to your community, equipping your church members with the right tools, and a commitment to serve in Christ's name.

Note that the God and Country program is a stand-alone program which can be used in a church without a civic youth service agency. That also means that even if your church has a civic youth organization, you can use it with youth or children who are not involved in those organizations, in addition to encouraging it's use within an organization.

Also note that churches may sponsor any combination of these organizations. However, each one has its own structure and understanding of how to work with churches.


Association Officers



Hank Kruckeberg, Ponca City, Oklahoma


Vice President

Grant Azdell, Lynchburg, Virginia



Scott Thayer, Tuscaloosa, Alabama



Vaughn Oliver, Texas


Past Presidents

Dave Romack, Arlington, Texas

Terry Smith, Fort Worth, Texas


Members at Large

Gael Cooper, Newburgh, Indiana

Sam Engel, Burbank, California

Millie Engel, Burbank, California


Staff Liaison

Robert Thornton, Englewood, Ohio


How to Contact the Association

Rev. Bob Thornton
Staff Liaison
Disciples Home Missions
201 Beckenham Road
Englewood, OH 45322-0115


 Contact Us | ©2008 National Association of Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) Scout Leaders

Resources you can use

Resources you can use

About these Resources

It is our hope that the links listed below will be of some help to you as you work with youth on Religious Emblems programs. Just because we have listed them here, however, does not mean that the National Association of Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) Scout Leaders endorses, warrants or guarantees any of the products, services, or information described or offered at these other Internet sites. Also, the Association does not publish prayers and sermons or articles, etc., that may be protected by copyright or that may otherwise be protected, without the written permission of the author, composer, or copyright owner. If you are aware of any difficulties with any of these links, or if you would suggest links to be added, please let us know,

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