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Pack 108 Scouting Costs

Registration fee…annual BSA fee for youth........................$25  Due at registration for new scouts/ Due at first pack meeting for returning scouts.

(For new scouts joining in Sept. you will have a prorated fee of $10.00 for Sept-Dec, in addition to the $25 for a total of $35.00 which will cover you for the 16 months)  

Boys’ Life magazine
............................$12 (optional; but highly recommended)

Pack dues—  Pack dues for the 2017/2018 scout year will be $75.00.   This amount varies by each individual pack.

Pack dues cover a portion of the costs to provide a successful program.  Pack dues can be offset by our Popcorn Fundraiser we do in the Fall. In order to cover pack dues entirely through fundraising you will need to sell $300.00 worth of Popcorn.  This is easily done with the many show and sell opportunities we have to offer each Den.  All Pack Dues must be paid in full by November 1st of each Scout year.

We rely heavily on fundraising to off set the costs of the program.  We ask each family to participate in our Pack fundraisers to help pay for awards, events, activities, crafts, training, camperships, etc. For those families that prefer not to participate in fundraising a recommended donation of $100.00 is suggested to contribute to their part in off setting these costs.  All funds raised go into the Pack general fund in order to cover all Pack costs involved to make a successful program for the youth.  

Fundraisers: - Pack 108 participates in the following fundraisers:  Popcorn (Primary) Aug-Nov, Christmas Green - Nov,   Coffee/Pizza Kits - Feb,  Flowers - May

Uniform—Our Pack uniform requirements are: hat, neckerchief, slide, shirt, belt and required patches for shirts.  (Navy Pants, and socks are optional) Uniforms may be purchased at your local Scout hop 1155 E. Long Lake Rd., Troy Mi 48085 or online at 

Books—Families purchase youth handbook each year, by rank, and includes the Lion Cub Handbook (Kindergarten), Tiger Cub Handbook (1st grade), Wolf Handbook (2nd grade), Bear Handbook (3rd grade), and Webelos Handbook (4th/5th grades).  

Optional costs: There can be additional costs throughout the year for camp outs, den field trips, Council camps and activities.  These will be presented to the pack upon registration for the event.

* NOTE: Scholarships are available for families in need. *

** If ever there is a hardship issue please contact the Committee Chair: Danielle Wernis at or Cub Master: Tom Zellen at and we will handle the matter discreetly.  We want to make sure all boys can participate.

What It Covers for Pack 108

The cost of scouting for Pack 108 covers:

  • A year-round Cub Scout program that includes the entire family
  • Two family camps during the school year - fall and spring
  • The Pinewood Derby
  • Blue & Gold Banquet - Scouting's Birthday Party
  • Rain Gutter Reggatta
  • Family Swim
  • Christmas Party
  • Musical, Science, Magic, and other related guest presentations
  • Boys' Life magazine subscription
  • All scout awards, badges, belt loops, & activity patches
  • Leadership training