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Boy Scout Troop 340 Focuses on Building Skills

“A Scout is never taken by surprise; he knows exactly what to do when anything unexpected happens.”

-Robert Baden-Powell

Character Development

  • Encompasses a boy's personal qualities, values, and outlook.
  • A Scout learns confidence, honesty, and self-respect.
  • A Scout respects other people, regardless of differences.
  • A Scout practices his religious beliefs.

Citizenship Training

  • A Scout works among others in a troop with rules based on the common good.
  • A Scout learns about and takes pride in his own national heritage.
  • A Scout understands social, economic, and governmental systems.
  • A Scout learns service, tolerance, and community involvement.

Mental and Physical Fitness

  • A Scout improves his physical condition through exercise and outdoor activities.
  • A Scout encourages good health habits.
  • A Scout discourages drug, alcohol, and tobacco use.
  • A Scout learns sound judgment, resourcefulness, and decision-making skills.