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Cub Scout Pack 75
(Moore, Oklahoma)
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 Law Of The Pack


The Cub Scout follows Akela.
The Cub Scout helps the pack go.
The pack helps the Cub Scout grow.
The Cub Scout gives goodwill.

Cub Scout Promise


I, (say your name), promise
To do my DUTY to GOD
And my Country
To HELP other people, and
To OBEY the LAW of the Pack

The Big 3

Hands Off! (Keep your hands to yourself)

Respect others

Respect property and the environment

     With consideration to the BSA Youth Protection Policy, Scout Law, Scout Oath, The Big 3, and Moore Public School Discipline Policy, Pack 75 has developed guidelines for disciplinary action.

     All members of the Boy Scouts of America are expected to conduct themselves in accordance with the principles set forth in the Scout Oath and Law.
     Physical violence, hazing, bullying, theft, verbal insults, and drugs and alcohol have no place in the Scouting program.

     All Scouts will be dealt with in a fair manner. Discipline used in Scouting should be constructive and reflect Scouting’s values. Corporal punishment is never permitted.

     Misbehavior by a single youth member in a Scouting unit may constitute a threat to the safety of the individual who misbehaves as well as to the safety of other unit members. Such misbehavior constitutes an unreasonable burden on a Scout unit and cannot be ignored.

     Adult leaders of Scouting units are responsible for monitoring the behavior of youth members and interceding when necessary. Parents of youth members who misbehave should be informed and asked for assistance in dealing with it.

     Interventions will be based on a careful assessment of the circumstances surrounding the misbehavior, including:


·        The seriousness of the offense.

·        The effect of the offense on other scouts.

·        Whether the offense is physically or mentally injurious to other people.

·        Whether the incident is isolated or habitual behavior.

·        The scout's attitude/demeanor.

·        Any other circumstances which may be appropriately considered.




     When a Scout is exhibiting inappropriate behavior, the following methods may be used to encourage the Scout towards acceptable behavior:


·        Encouraging the scout to make good choices.

·        Giving him time to discuss his actions with others.

·        Guiding the scout in solving his problem(s).

·        Counseling/guidance in a Cubmaster +1 conference.


     For further misbehavior, or more serious misconduct, the Scout will again be counseled in a Cubmaster+1 conference and the parent/guardian will be notified as soon as possible. At the discretion of the adult leaders present, the parent/guardian may be called to come and get the Scout and take him home. The Scout will be suspended from non-meeting activities for one month. (No camping trips, go see it trips, etc.)


     Behavior such as physically or verbally intimidating another Scout with intent to harm will result in the Scout being asked to leave the activity immediately. The parent/guardian of the Scout will be notified and is responsible for transportation of the Scout from the activity. The Scout will be suspended from all troop activities until a conference with the troop committee, Cubmaster, Scout and his parent/guardian is held, at which time consequences will be determined.




Policy reviewed and approved by Pack 75 Committee on Dec 6th, 2010










By signing below, I acknowledge that I understand and will abide by the Pack 200 Discipline Guidance policy.


Scout signature______________________  Date:_________________


Parent/ Guardian

signature____________________________ Date:_________________


Parent/ Guardian

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