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Advancement Program: Troop 1550, chartered in 1987, maintains an aggressive advancement program that is in balance with our Outdoor Program.  We practice a very successful First Class Emphasis Program for our younger scouts; an outstanding Merit Badge  Program that features scheduled merit badge classes within the planned activities, and a very effective Junior Leader Training Program.  The Troop is very proud to have nested over 100 Eagle Scouts since the Troop was originally chartered. The advancement program is designed to provide a complete scouting program for those who wish to take advantage of it.  Troop 1550 places no advancement requirement on any scout.

Outdoor Program: The Scouts of Troop 1550 take an active role in planning the annual Outdoor Program.  Troop 1550 generally camps nine (9) months out of the year.  The exceptions are July, August and December.  Normal weekend camp-outs require a current Class II health form, personal gear, a signed permission slip, and a $25 to $40 fee per Scouts or Scouter for meals and transportation.  The Troop reimburses gasoline expense for adult participants who provide transportation. The Troop often rotates Summer Camp from In-Council to Out of Council.  Summer Camp and High Adventure trips usually take place in June or July.

Patrol Method: Troop 1550 operates under the patrolmethod.  Patrols are generally made up of eight to ten scouts who are of similar age and rank.  Each Patrol elects from itsmembers a Patrol Leader and an Assistant Patrol Leader.  Patrol Leaderelections occur twice annually.  Patrol Leadership for New Scout Patrolsis assisted by a seasoned Scout, a Troop Guide, until the patrol has the appropriate experience.  Patrol names are restricted to Baden Powell patrols.

Adult Leadership:  Boy Scouts of America has the safety and well being of boys as the highest priority.  Leaders must complete the requisite BSA training for their position.  All adults who wish to participate in overnight activities must make a council application which includes a criminal background check and must complete the online Youth Protection Training.  

BSA Handbook: If you have a question about scouting, the answer can probably be found in the BSA Handbook.  It is a great reference book.  It is also an important record of the scout's advancement requirements, service hours and outdoor activities.  Scouts should have their handbook with them at all troop activities.  Only registered adult Scouters may sign-off advancement requirements.

Troop Equipment: Troop 1550 provides each Patrol with a fully equipped Chuck Box (Kitchen) and tents.  Scouts are required to use the provided tents.  Scouts are financially responsible for equipment in their charge.  Cots and food are not allowed inside of the Troop tents.

Uniforms: Troop 1550 requires all its members (Scouts and Scouters) to be properly uniformed.  We wear the Field (Class "A") uniform to all Troop meetings (except in the summer), activities, and functions, including to and from weekend camp-outs.  A proper Field (Class “A”) uniform includes Scout socks, Scout pants or shorts, Scout belt, and Scout Shirt (short or long sleeved with proper insignia).  The Troop neckerchief and slide are optional.  Proper insignia includes council patch, Troop 1550 numerals, patrol patch, rank patch and leadership position patch (if applicable).

Troop T-Shirts, Scout theme or generic T-Shirts are acceptable during the summer and certain patrol or troop activities and are known as Activities (Class “B”) uniforms. Non-Scouting or advertising T-Shirts are strongly discouraged. A Troop neckerchief, slide, and Troop T-shirt (Activities or Class “B”) are presented to new Scouts joining our Troop.  Additional T-shirts and caps may be purchased at any time.

Conduct: Each Scout is expected to act in keeping with scouting values.  Fighting and the use of obscene language will not be tolerated and parents/guardians will be called to retrieve the Scout should this condition exist. Questionable or offensive items are not permitted and will be confiscated.  These items are not limited to but include alcohol, tobacco products, weapons (including non-folding knifes), firearms, flammables, explosives and personal electronic devices such as cellphones, portable music players or electronic games.

Discipline: Troop 1550 employs the principles of the Scout Oath and Scout Law to govern our collective expectations for the conduct of its members.

Parental Participation: Troop 1550 is only as healthy and vibrant as its adult leader roster.  Parental participation is not required but strongly recommended and NEEDED. There are countless ways to help.  Please fill out and submit an Adult Leader application.  We are fortunate to have an outstanding Adult Leader Corp of Assistant Scoutmasters, Merit Badge Counselors and Committee Members.  Troop 1550 subscribes to BSA policy in all regards, especially the requirement for constant vigilance to two-deep leadership.  There are plenty of training opportunities for new and experienced Scouters.  Adult Scouting is fun and rewarding.

Staying Informed: Troop 1550 makes its annual Troop calendar, the Troop roster, and other important information available to its members.  Information updates are provided primarily by announcement and email. It is very important to read the Troop email to remain informed.  Troop email is restricted to Troop members and moderated by the Troop Committee and Adult Leaders.

Troop Dues:Troop 1550 Scout membership dues, $110, are paid annually in the fall.Adult Scouter dues are $24 annually.  Scouts and Scouters must keep dues current. Troop dues cover annual BSAregistration, Boys Life Magazine subscription, and Troop operatingexpenses. New Scouts will be asked to pay pro-rated dues depending on the date joined.

Joining Fees:Joining Fees ($20.00) for new scouts and includes epaulets, Troop numbers, Troop T-shirt, and the Troop neckerchief and slide.Joining Fees are due when the Boy Scout Application is submitted.

Fund Raising Events:Troop 1550 conducts occasional fund raising events to defrayextraordinary expenses of special transportation costs, High AdventureProgram expenses and Summer Camp Fees.  The current fund raisers arePopcorn Sales and Springtime Mulch Sales.  The Troop Treasurer maintainsindividual scout accounts for all event participants.  Participation isalways optional and special incentives may be in place to encourageparticipation.

New Member Checklist


Items to be furnished by the Scout and his Family

Visit BSA Scout Shops at SHAC Scout shop webpage

·         Complete BSA application and submit appropriate fees

·         BSA Scout Handbook

·         Field Uniform (See Scout Handbook for emblem & insignia placement)

BSA khaki short-sleeved shirt

BSA shorts or trousers (green)

BSA belt with buckle

BSA socks (green)

SHAC Council strip shoulder patch

Patrol emblem

World Scout Crest

·         Activities Uniform

Troop 1550 T-shirt or any other scout/religious type T-shirt

BSA shorts or trousers (green)

BSA belt with buckle

BSA socks (green)

·         Personal Equipment

Sleeping Bag with cover bag

Sleeping Pad

Sport Travel Bag for personal items

Eating utensils (cup, plate, spoon, fork, knife)

·         Mark all items with name, initials or some identifying mark!