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Each boy has two uniforms, known as class A and class B.  The class A uniform is the standard blue shirt, neckerchief and hat but, since boys will be boys, the class B uniform is a tee shirt for some of the more rowdy or "hands on" activities. The cost of the class B uniform is included in the dues for the year.

To get your hands on the class A uniform you can stop by the Scout store in Doylestown, or order online at  There is a Sizing guide that may come in handy if you don't happen to have your scout and the uniforms in the same room when doing your shopping.  We recommend getting a short sleeve shirt that is a bit large so it will be good for warm weather but have room to wear something warm underneath for colder situations.  We also do not require official uniform pants or shorts and socks, just the belt (to hold the belt loop awards) shirt, neckerchief and cap.

The class A uniform also has all of the patches that will need to be attached. Sorry moms (AND DADS) but until the boys are better with a needle and thread this is probably going to be your job but don't panic your leaders can help with tips and placement. If you are ready to start here is an insignia placement guide to give you the locations of the various parts.