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Girl Scout Troop 7306
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Troop 7306 Junior Girl Scout Uniform
   White polo/golf shirt
     Khaki bottoms (pants, capris, skirt, skort or shorts)
     Green Junior vest w/ appropriate patches



American Flag Patch

Junior Girl Scouts may wear the American Flag Patch above the council and Girl Scouts of the USA identification strips on their uniform. (You may need to lower everything on the vest in order to assure the flag is placed in a position of respect.)


Girl Scouts of the USA Identification Strip

Place this strip just below the shoulder line on the right side of the vest. The strip for Junior Girl Scouts has a white background with blue edging.

Girl Scout Council Identification Strip

Place this strip directly below the Girl Scouts of the USA identification strip. Every council has its own identification strip. The strip for Junior Girl Scouts white background with blue edging.




Troop/Group Crest

Center the troop/group crest directly under the council identification strip. The crest has a design chosen by the troop. Junior Girl Scouts and girls 11-17 can wear this emblem on their uniforms. Our troop chose the Hawaiian lei which symbolizes a circle of friendship.





Troop/Group Numerals

Center the numerals horizontally below the troop/group crest on the vest. Our troop number is 7306. Junior Girl Scouts have white numerals on a green background.




Membership Stars/Discs

Place the stars directly beneath the troop numerals, beginning with the Daisy Girl Scout star (on blue disc) on the right side, then the Brownie Girl Scout stars (on green discs), and Junior Girl Scout stars (on yellow discs). Each membership star stands for being registered one year




Bridge to Junior Girl Scouts Award

Place the Bridge to Junior Girl Scouts Award below the membership stars on the right side of the vest. Brownie Girl Scouts complete activities for this award to prepare for Junior Girl Scouting. This is worn on the Junior uniform only, unless placed on the back of the Girl Scout uniform for girls 11-17.


Junior Aide

Place this award directly beneath the Bridge to Junior Girl Scouts Award. The Junior Aide Award represents active assistance as a Junior Girl Scout, helping Brownie Girl Scouts bridge to Junior Girl Scouting. Only Junior Girl Scouts can wear it.

 Our troop has not yet earned this award.



Brownie Wings

Center this emblem horizontally under the Junior Aide Award, or if you do not have that award, under the Bridge to Junior Girl Scouts Award on both the sash and vest. Any girl that completed her Brownie years can wear this patch.

Junior Leadership Pin

The Junior Girl Scout Leadership Pin indicates leadership roles assumed at the Junior Girl Scout age-level. Wear this pin on the right side of the vest above the badges and below the Brownie Wings.

Our troop has not yet earned this award.

Insignia Tab (Optional)
Wear this tab on the left side above the heart on the Junior Girl Scout vest. It holds the World Trefoil Pin and Girl Scout Membership Pin.

World Trefoil Pin
All age-levels wear the pin directly above the Girl Scout Membership Pin above the heart on their uniform.

The World Trefoil Pin shows that you are part of the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts (WAGGGS). On it are three leaves representing the Girl Scout Promise, with a flame that stands for loving all the people in the world.
The compass needle is to guide you, and the two stars are the Girl Scout Promise and Law. The outer circle represents the World Association, and the golden yellow trefoil on a bright blue background stands for the sun shining over the children of the world.

Girl Scout Membership Pin

Wear this pin proudly on the left side of the vest, centered above your heart.

Bronze Award Pin

The Girl Scout Bronze Award Pin is the highest award for Junior Girl Scouts and signifies completion of a Bronze Award project. The pin should be worn to the left of the insignia tab.

Sign of the Rainbow, Sign of the Sun, Sign of the Satellite, and Sign of the World

Place them in two rows, with Sign of the Rainbow and Sign of the Satellite on the right. Wear them centered horizontally directly below the membership tab on the left side of the Junior Girl Scout vest.




Junior Agent of Change Patches

The Journey patches are worn on the left side of the vest, above the badges but below the "signs". The troop has earned the blue "One" patch which will be the center of the trio. Be sure to leave enough room to add the outer rings.

Junior Girl Scout Badges

Wear the first badge on the right side of the vest, just above the bottom edge. Place additional badges in horizontal rows, keeping the rows on the right and left balanced. If you run out of room, put badges on the back of the vest in rows starting at the bottom.

Each badge signifies specific achievements in Junior Girl Scouting. Junior Girl Scout badges can also be worn on the back of the Girl Scout vest for girls 11-17.


Participation Patches and Pins

Place participation patches and pins on the back of the vest, beginning at the top, just below the shoulder line. These patches and pins may be from camp, special events, or programs such as GirlSports or Issues for Girl Scouts. Patches/pins earned at an earlier age-level can be placed on the back of the sash, but it is not recommended, as you will soon run out of space!