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Cub Scout Pack 28
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Parent Volunteering to Show Proper Flag Retiring

For More information contact Dave Kavasansky at 203-513-1127 or Jane Ryder at203-470-2668.   
Email: or

Volunteers Needed to help the Cub Scouts

Below are some examples of typical ways parents help the children in the Pack to have an even more exciting adventure in scouting.  Please let us know how you would like to help.

Committee Chair - Books the location of the Committee meetings, runs committee meetings, handles the rechartering processing, confers with the Cubmaster on Policy issues, Recruits volunteers for leadership positions,attend the Committee Meetings

Den Leaders & Assistant Den Leaders - Help run the Den Meetings and may assist with Pack Meeting details, attend monthly Committee Meetings, attend monthly Den and Pack meetings

Treasurer for Pack - Maintains checking account, deposits money, writes checks, reports balances monthly to Committee, Prepares yearly budget, attends most of the Committee Meetings

Secretary - Records minutes of Committee meetings and emails a copy to all Committee members, Maintains Pack Roster 

Advancement Coordinator - Picks up awards from Scout office, prepares the awards to be given out, brings the awards to the appropriate events for the Cubmaster to give out, records online 

Webmaster - Manages the Pack website with the guidelines established BSA, updates information as needed   

Popcorn Colonel and Assistant Popcorn Sales Coordinators - helps the Popcorn Sales Coordinator with distributing popcorn to locations and parents and ensures orders are accurate

Blue & Gold Assistants (4) - Books the location for the event, coordinates with the den who will make the centerpieces, coordinates the programs to be given out,coordinates with the den leaders the collection of the money for the event and how many people will be attending etc.   

Wrap Pinewood Derby Cars- Obtain Pinewood Derby Cars, Wrap them up for gifts to be given at the December Pack Meeting 

Pinewood Derby Weigh Coordinators(6) - Weigh Cars before event 

Pinewood Derby Day of Event Coordinator (6) - Set up room, help lead event, help kids with cars 

Holiday Dec. Helper - Set up and help kids with Dec. Pack meeting 

Scarecrow Maker Chair - Help coordinate with parents, lead scarecrow making project with scouts (or other Halloween project) at Oct. Pack Meeting 

Can Food Drive Coordinator - Set up streets, tags for Den leaders, help coordinate event 

Projector & Speakers for lock-In - looking for a projector & speakers to use during the Pack Lock In meeting at Community Center 

Jan Lock In helper (6) - Help at Lock In at Community Center, help with games,sign in, etc.  

March Clean Sweep Lead - Secure location at Mohegan School and Nike Site, order patches online and distribute patches at Pack Meeting 

Memorial Day Parade coordinator - Help set up Memorial Day parade details and form

Sign Up Genius Lead - Manage Sign up Genius for Pack 

Pack Activity Coordinator (8)  Do you have a special talent? Want to help lead a fun activity at a meeting? Please let a Den Leader know! 

We are run by volunteer parents and need your help to make the Pack events even more exciting for your child.  Please let us know if you are interested in helping in any way.