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Wolf Den Meeting Schedule 2018-19

All meetings are from 6:15-7:15pm at the Carroll Center unless otherwise noted. Please arrive early so we can start promptly at 6:15pm!

Oct. 25 

 Carroll Center
Nov. 29

 Carroll Center
 No Meeting
Jan. 10

 Carroll Center
Feb. 7

 Carroll Center
Mar 14

 Carroll Center
Apr. 11
   Carroll Center
May 16
 Carroll Center

At Home Badge Requirements

The den meetings will cover most, but not all, of the Wolf badge requirements. Here are a list of activities to do at home as they will not be covered as a group:

Bobcat Badge - If this is your first year scouting, start by completing the Bobcat requirements (Wolf handbook)

Call of the Wild - Attend an outdoor activity. Attend at least 1 of the following: the Fall Den Hike, Camping, or Blue & Gold picnic. 

Council Fire - Work on a service project. Attend at least 1 of the following: Fall food pantry collection, Pack 210 park cleanup (finalization of these activities is pending).

Cyber Chip
1. Read and commit to the level I internet safety pledge.
2. Watch the Video " Bad Netiquette Stinks ". ( )
3. Play the Router's Birthday Surprise Interactive Adventure, and print the completion certificate to give to your       den leaders: ( )
4. Show and tell your family what you have learned.

Running with the Pack - Help plan a healthy meal for your family.  Make a shopping list of the food used to prepare the meal.

Duty to God Footsteps - We will not be covering any of this belt loop as a group, complete requirements
1 or 2 plus 2 others as best fits for your family 

1 Discuss with your parent, guardian, den leader, or other caring adult what it means to do your duty to God. Tell how you do your duty to God in your daily life. 
2 Earn the religious emblem of your faith (details found here:
3 Offer a prayer, meditation, or reflection with your family.
4 Read a story about religious freedom
5 Learn a song of grace
6 Visit a religious monument

NOTE: If you miss a meeting plan on completing the requirements at home as they are needed to earn Belt Loops and the Wolf Badge.  Below is summary of Wolf Badge Requirements.  The Wolf Handbook has detailed information for each adventure.

Call of the Wild (1-4 plus 1 other)
1 Attend an outdoor activity
2 List possible weather changes while camping
3a Recite Outdoor Code
3b Recite the Leave No Trace Principles
3c List how you are careful with fire or other dangers
4a Show what to do during natural disaster
4b Show what to do to prevent spreading germs
5 Tie an overhand and square knots
6 While on an outing, identify four different types of animals you see or explain evidence of their presence. Tell how you identified them. 
Council Fire (1 and 2 plus 1 other)
1 Participate in a flag ceremony/learn to fold a flag
2 Work on a service project
3 Talk to a PD officer / FD member, etc.
Duty to God Footsteps (1 or 2 plus 2 others)
1 Discuss what duty to God means
2 Earn the religious emblem of your faith
(details found here:
3 Offer a prayer/reflect with family
4 Read a story about religious freedom
5 Learn a song of grace
6a Visit a religious monument
6b Create a display of your visit
Howling at the Moon
1 Communicate in two ways
2 Create an original skit
3 Present a campfire program
4 Perform your campfire program
Paws on the Path
1 Prepare for a hike
2a Tell what the buddy system is
2b Tell what to do if separated on a hike
3 Chose appropriate clothing for a hike
4 Discuss how you show respect for wildlife
5 Go on a 1 mile hike, find 2 things never seen before
Running with the Pack
1 Play catch
2 Practice your balance
3 Practice your flexibility
4 Play a sport with your den or family
5 Do two animal walks
6 Demonstrate healthy eating
Grow Something (1-3 plus 4 or 5)
1 Plant a seed and care for it for 30 days
2 Find your growing zone
3 Visit or research a botanical garden and discuss what grows there
4 Make a terrarium
5 Plant a sweet potato in water and watch it grow


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