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Boy Scout Troop 701
(Fond du Lac, Wisconsin)
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Paul Bunyan Woodsmen Award

This Award is meant for Boy Scouts. Decide for yourself if it is appropriate for your younger scouts or not. A scout that has earned his Totin' Chip can demonstrate advanced woodsman skills by teaching Totin' Chip skills to other scouts and completing a woodsman work project.
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Stem Awards

Stem Awards

Information about STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) awards are available on the National BSA website

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Mile Swim

  1. Explain how regular exercise contributes to good health and why swimming is one of the best forms of exercise.
  2. Tell what precautions and procedures a swimmer and escort must follow for distance swimming over open water.

  3. Under the supervision of a currently qualified aquatics instructor, BSA or equivalent, participate in 4 hours of training and preparation for distance swimming (1 hour a day maximum).

  4. Swim 1 mile (1,600 meters) over an approved, measured course.

  5. Patches can be purchased at your local Scout Shop when all requirements have been met.
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National Outdoor Badges (Formerly National Camping

National Outdoor Badges (Formerly National Camping Award)

Do you enjoy camping under the stars, rafting a whitewater river, or hitting the trail afoot, on a bike, or even on a horse? Can you pitch a tent, find your way, and bandage an ankle using only materials in your pack? Are you prepared to do any of these in rain, snow, sleet, or heat? If so, the National Outdoor Awards are for you. There is nothing virtual about these awards—you can earn them only by demonstrating knowledge and experience in the outdoors.

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50 Miler

50 Miler

The primary objective of this program is to stimulate Boy Scout, Varsity Scout, and Venturer interest in the ideals of the movement and to promote activity that will result in personal fitness, self-reliance, knowledge of wood lore, and a practical understanding of conservation.

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Historic Trails Award

Historic Trails Award

Love of America and devotion to our country depend upon a thorough appreciation of the ideals, principles, and traditions that have made our country strong. Historic Trails Award requirements emphasize cooperation between historic societies and Boy Scout, Varsity Scout and Venturing units.

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World Conservation Award

World Conservation Award

You can earn this award by earning the following merit badges:

  1. Environmental Science merit badge

  2. Either Soil and Water Conservation OR Fish and Wildlife Management merit badge

  3. Citizenship in the World merit badge

Patches can be purchased at your local Scout Shop when all requirements have been met

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