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Scout Shop

Our Transatlantic Council Scout Shop is working hard to support your needs!  Since the Scoutshop moved to Franken Kaserne in Oberdachstetten, they have increased their inventory by nearly 40%, hire a quality staff, and upgrade equipment!  They are working hard to win back your support.

Did you know that TAC receives a 25% commission on everything that the TAC Scoutshop sells?  That's right - you pay the same price as you would at a Stateside Scoutshopk, but 25% of your purchase goes directly to TAC to support our programs right here in Europe! 

So, the next time you are purchasing camping equipment, uniforms and other Scouting gear, try out the TAC Scoutshop! 

Youth Protection

As of June 1, 2010, ALL Registered BSA Volunteers MUST complete the BSA's Youth Protection Training!!

BSA takes Youth Safety very seriously!  As a result of the new rules:
  • All Volunteers must complete youth protection training
  • All new applicants must have completed youth protection training PRIOR to submitting an application - the completion certificate must be turned in with the application.
  • YPT must be taken every 2 years.

If you have any questions, please see your Scoutmaster, Committee Chairperson or Unit Training Chair.


Icon File Name Comment  
2009_1220TAC20in20FOCUS.pdf December 2009  

Scoutcraft Proficiency Award

Transatlantic Council has introduced a new patch to "promote and recognize proficiency in basic Scoutcraft skills."

This is a really cool patch that can be worn on the Scout shirt or on the cargo pocket flap of the new pants.  The requirements can be worked on by a Scout at any time, so there are no new requirements! 

The requirements to earn the patch are:

Complete the following “Scoutcraft-type” requirements from the Tenderfoot Rank:
1. Spend at least one night on a patrol or troop campout. Sleep in a tent you have helped pitch.
On the campout, assist in preparing and cooking one of your patrol's meals.  Tell why it is important for each patrol
    member to share in meal preparation and cleanup, and explain the importance of eating together.
Demonstrate how to whip and fuse the ends of a rope.
Demonstrate you know how to tie the following knots and tell what their uses are: two half hitches and the taut-line hitch.
Explain the rules of safe hiking, both on the highway and cross-country, during the day and at night. Explain what to do if
    you are lost.

Complete the following “Scoutcraft-type” requirements from the Second Class Rank:
1. Demonstrate how a compass works and how to orient a map. Explain what map symbols mean.
Using a compass and a map together, take a 5-mile hike (or 10 miles by bike) approved by your adult leader and your
    parent or guardian.
3. On one of these campouts, select your patrol site and sleep in a tent that you pitched.
On one campout, demonstrate proper care, sharpening, and use of the knife, saw, and ax, and describe when they should
    be used.
Use the tools listed in requirement 2c to prepare tinder, kindling, and fuel for a cooking fire.
On one campout, plan and cook over an open fire one hot breakfast or lunch for yourself, selecting foods from the food
    pyramid.  Explain the importance of good nutrition.  Tell how to transport, store, and prepare the foods you selected.

Complete the following “Scoutcraft-type” requirements from the First Class Rank:
1. Demonstrate how to find directions during the day and at night without using a compass.
Using a compass, complete an orienteering course that covers at least one mile and requires measuring the height and/or
    width of designated items (tree, tower, canyon, ditch, etc.)
Identify or show evidence of at least ten kinds of native plants found in your community.
Discuss when you should and should not use lashings
Demonstrate tying the timber hitch and clove hitch and their use in square, shear, and diagonal lashings by joining two or
    more poles or staves together.
Use lashing to make a useful camp gadget.
Demonstrate tying the bowline knot and describe several ways it can be used.

National Jamboree Patches

The Transatlantic Council's National Jamboree are currently fundraising to make the Jamboree the best in the 100 years of Boy Scouts of America.  Check out their website to order your patches and support our representatives in Washington DC this summer.