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2020 camporee schedule 5/15-5/16

The Virtual Camporee takes place Friday night through Sunday morning. Scouts are welcome to camp one or both nights and earn Nights Camping recognition if they also cook meals. Remember that camping nights count towards rank advancement. The main Virtual Camporee event information can be found on Facebook at If your scout does not have access to Facebook for the events below, feel free to send the pictures to me or Nick and we will post them instead. Pictures taken for the event should include the scout in it in uniform. Note also that the Camporee Zoom event links will be posted to our website as soon as they are available.

(for all picture submissions, either post directly to the facebook event or send to SM Tim or SM Nick and they will post for you)

Setup your own campsite in your yard
6:30 pm ** Troop 212 Check In Via Zoom **

8:00 am Menu  (submit pic)
9:00 am Breakfast  (submit pic)
10:00 am Campsite  (submit pic)
10:00 am ** Troop Check In Via Zoom **
11:00 am Scavenger hunt (submit pic)
12:00 pm Lunch (submit pic)
1:00 pm Kahoot (Zoom Event)  -
2:00 pm Meet and Greet (Zoom Event)  - Meet And Greet Sign Up
3:00 pm Kahoot (Zoom Event)5
4:00 pm Pionering (submit pic)
4:00 pm Meet and Greet (Zoom Event)  - Meet And Greet Sign Up
5:00 pm ** Troop Check In Via Zoom **
7:00 pm Campfire (Zoom Event) OA call out (Zoom Event)

Here's details about the events:

Campsite - take a picture of your campsite and submit it to the event page. Your campsite can be a tent, a hammock, a blanket fort or something else. Be creative.

Menu - Just like a regular camp out you need to have a menu. Make up a breakfast/lunch menu and post it to the event page. Note it is highly encouraged to do this early this week and send it in well before Saturday morning.

Breakfast - take a picture or video of your breakfast (that you cooked)

Lunch - take a picture or video of your lunch (that you cooked)

Scavenger Hunt - we will post a list of items for you to find in your home. Your task is to find as many as you can, then take a picture and post to the event page.

Pioneering - every year at camporee we do a pioneering gateway or useful camp gadget. Well we are doing the same thing for our virtual camporee just on a smaller scale. Here is your chance to show off your amazing pioneering skills. You get the following supplies and can make whatever item you like. Use popsicle sticks and dental floss or something similar to make your gateway, useful camp gadget or other item then take a picture of it and submit it to our event page. Materials: (12) Full Sticks, (18) 1/2 Sticks and thread/floss.   Use your imagination and be creative.

Kahoot - We are making two kahoots and will provide a link to it on the day of this event. You can long in by yourself or with your patrol.

Campfire and OA Callout - In the evening of the 16th we will have a zoom campfire where you can sign up to lead a song or tell a joke. The OA will be running the campfire and will select the participates for it. At the end of the campfire we will transition to the OA Callout Ceremony to recognize everyone who was elected into the OA this year.