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Hey Scouts,

Wait no longer for our Holiday Sale. Santa and his Elves have come up with some AMAZING DEALS that will help your budget go much farther this year. 

  • Holiday Sale 2010
    • Sale Details - Our Holiday Sale is always a very popular time of year for scouts. Most of you are familiar with our amazing sales but if you are new to our program we would like to explain how AMAZING they really are. We have select items marked down lower than your normal scout discount. BUT if you choose to take advantage of our combo packages you can save even more money. Just a couple examples of our hot combo deals – if you purchase our 3-item combo package (sleeping bag, pack and tent combo) valued around $460 and you can get it for only $160. Our 2-item combos range in savings of $165 to $235. Please review the attached order form for ordering details to see how many other ways you can save by taking advantage of our Holiday Sale. Please email orders to, fax orders to 573.459.2044, or you can simply call us at 800.344.2577 or 888.908.2044 to place your orders.
    • NEW! Trekking Poles We will have our NEW Excursion Trekking Poles available around the first part of December. We have added them to our holiday order form. They are available as 2-pole sets or you can purchase them individually. If you are ordering additional items (besides the Trekking Poles), you can save on shipping by noting on your order form to hold your entire order until they arrive around the beginning of December and then we will ship your order complete.  However, if you want your other products first, we can ship the Trekking poles separately after they arrive. (If you are ordering after the first part of December, you won’t have to worry about making a notation.) Don’t wait too long –  our Trekking Poles have been an extremely popular request from scouts and they are going to go fast. Visit our website for more details on our new Trekking Poles -
    • Shipping - Our sale will run until Friday, December 17, 2010 - 4:30 Central Time (or while supplies last). If you want your order to arrive by the holiday, please get your orders in early. Around this time of year FedEx and UPS are hit with tons of packages and they will stop ground package guarantees 2 weeks before Christmas.
  • Gift Certificates Can’t decide on which item to buy? Get a Gift Certificate for those who are hard to buy for this holiday season to be sure you get them something you know they will love.
  • Tent Floor Savers - Our floor savers are a great addition to any tent purchase. They are cut a little smaller than the dimension of the tent floor and have a webbing loop on all four corners, which makes it easy to pull and stake out with the tent stakes. Simple, fast and all at a great price. 
  • Flashlights and Headlamps - Great Stocking Stuffer! 
    • Headlamp - We are now selling some really cool headlamps manufactured by Nightstick. They have three different settings, Spotlight: 4 LEDs = 8 Lumens, Floodlight: 4 LEDs = 8 Lumens, and Dual-Light: 8 LEDs = 16 Lumens. The super-bright white LED has a life over 35,000 hours.
    • Flashlight - These new flashlights have two settings, Flashlight: 4 LEDs = 8 Lumens, Floodlight: 6 LEDs = 12 Lumens. The super-bright white LED has a life over 35,000 hours. Check out our website for more details on these great lights. 
  • ScoutDirect Salesman Sample Sale Items - As a quick review, these are often "one of a kind" items that are returned from our salesmen, and we price them very low to move them out quickly. To place an order you can give us a call at 800-344-2577, or you can e-mail Karen at We still sell these "first come, first served", so the only thing about sending an e-mail is that you don't know for sure if we still have the item available you want to purchase. However, it does allow you to "shop" in the evenings and on the weekends when we're not here. Karen will check her e-mail first thing every morning and reply to you immediately if the item is still available, or not available, and what your shipping charges will be if it is still available.
  • Bulletin Board - This is a newer feature that we've added to our web site that has been really helpful for updates, small sales or anything that we feel we would like for everyone to know about without bothering you with additional emails. We will update this page if any item is sold out, so it is always a good idea to check this page before placing your order to make sure all of the items you would like to purchase are still available. Here's the link, so check it out when you get a chance!
  • Registering
    • Calling all scouts and scout parents - We encourage all scout leaders and scout parents to register online at under Registering. This is a great way to be informed of GREAT SALES (like this) and/or other information relating to our scout program. Please send this email on to your fellow scouts to get them involved. We promise that you won't get any junk emails.
  • Reminder – With the change in how we communicate these days with social media and YouTube, we are continuing to see Scouts discuss our ScoutDirect program “on-line”.  While we love your enthusiasm to discuss our great Scout program, we need to remind you that the ScoutDirect  program is ONLY for Scouts … and when you discuss it “on-line”, non-Scouts obviously learn about the program.  If you participate in Scout-only forums and chats, it’s OK to “spread the word”.  We appreciate your help, and if you ever have any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to contact us.


Santa's Elves will be waiting for your calls, faxes and emails.


Sale Ends Friday, December 17, 2010 at 4:30 p.m. (central time), but don't wait too long, these items usually go fast. Offer good while supplies last.


Happy Holidays.

Sarah Brune



Fax 573.459.2044

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ScoutDirect 2010 Order Form.xls 2010 Order Form