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Boy Scout Troop 402
(Palm Coast, Florida)
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Eagles Nest

As an Eagle Scout,  may you spread  your wings and soar to the highest heights;
leading and setting a cheerful example of honour and courage loyalty and service.

Eagle Scout
is the highest rank attainable in the Boy Scouting program.  The fact that a boy is an Eagle Scout has always carried with it a special significance, not only in Scouting but also as he enters higher education, business or industry, and community service.  Not every boy who joins a Boy Scout troop earns the Eagle Scout rank; only about 5 percent of all Boy Scouts do so. This represents more than 1.7 million Boy Scouts who have earned the rank since 1912. 
Only 2 out of 100 boys that join Scouts will earn the rank of Eagle Scout.  The title of Eagle Scout is held for life, thus giving rise to the phrase "Once an Eagle, always an Eagle".

Famous Eagle Scouts:

Neil Armstrong - Apollo 11 Astronaut and first man to walk on the moon
Gerald Ford - US President and first Eagle Scout to become President
James Stewart - Academy Award winning Actor
Ross Perot - Texas billionaire and Presidental Candidate
Willard Marriott - President of Marriott Hotels
James Lovell - Gemini and Apollo 13 Astronaut
Walter Cronkite - National New and TV announcer
Henry Aaron - Baseball player, home run king
William Devries - M.D., transplanted first artificial heart
Donald Rumsfeld - Secretary of Defense
Steven Spielberg - Movie producer
Sam Walton - Founder, Wal-Mart
L. Ron Hubbard, Writer
William C. Westmoreland, Retired General

Troop 402 Eagle Scouts:
Ean Medley - July 22nd, 2013
Matthew Valentik - May 28th, 2012
Joshua Sanfilippo - Sept 26th, 2011
Jimmy Wells - August 12th, 2009
Matthew Hillerby - August 4th, 2009
Andrew Kruithof - May 26th, 2009
Eric Seifert - May 26, 2009
Matt Ecker - April 21, 2009
Gaby Perez - April 21, 2009
Anthony Hall - March 10, 2009
Bobby Trevethan - March 10, 2009
Zachary Ward - December 16,2008

Kiah Bonner - November 21, 2008
Kenneth Peters - November 21,2008

Drake Gordon - February 2008
Neal Gordon - February 2008
Christopher Walsh - 2007
Eric Stadola - September 2006
Robbie Ford - July 2006

Thomas Cardillo - December 2004
RD Bonner, III- August 2004
Joseph Medearis - February 2004

Kevin Dragstedt - November 2003
David Vece - April 2003

James Caparaso
Travis Bourne
Ray Penna
Josh Burnett

Jason Lemper
Andrew Medearis

Matthew Wiatt
Christopher Hebb

Joseph Foley
Timothy Devereux

Artie Beadle
Thomas Langhauser
Robert Jonas, III