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Cub Scout Pack 329
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The Basics

Tiger Cubs - boys in 1st grade or 6 years old
Wolf Cubs - boys in 2nd grade or 7 years old
Bear Cubs - boys in 3rd grade or 8 years old
Webelos - boys in 4th-5th grades and 9-10 years old

Cub Scout Promise

I _______  promise to do my best
to do my duty,
to God and my country
to help other people
and to obey the law of the Pack.

Cubs Scout Law

The Cub Scout follows Akela
The Cubs Scout helps the Pack go
The Pack helps the Cubs Scout grow
The Cub Scout gives good will.

Cub Scout Motto

Do your best.

The Basic Pack Organization

Tiger Cubs, Cub Scouting and Webelos are programs of the Boy Scouts of America. 
Parents, Cub Scout Leaders and institutions work together to achieve the following goals:

  • Influencing the development of character and encouraging spiritual growth.
  • Developing habits and attitudes of good citizenship.
  • Encouraging good sportsmanship and pride in growing strong in mind and body.
  • Improving understanding within the family.
  • Strengthening the ability to get along with other boys and respect other people.
  • Fostering a sense of personal achievement by developing new interests and skills.
  • Showing how to be helpful and do one’s best. 
  • Providing fun and exciting new things to do.
  • Preparing them to become Boy Scouts.


Your Son is a Member of a Den

  1. A Den consists of 4 to 8 boys.
  2. The Den usually meets twice a month, though the parents may decide on a different schedule.
  3. The Den is led by a Den Leader (usually a parent).
  4. The Den Leader is usually assisted by an Assistant Den Leader, a Den Chief ( an older Boy Scout), and a Denner ( a Cub Scout elected by Den members).
  5. Den meetings have games, crafts, stunts, songs, ceremonies, and lots of fun. 


Your Son is a Member of a Pack

  1. A Pack is made up of several Dens.
  2. The Pack meets once a month – all Cub Scout families attend.
  3. The monthly Pack meeting is led by the Cubmaster.
  4. The Pack meeting is the climax of the month’s Den meetings and activities.
  5. Pack meetings have games, skits, stunts, songs, ceremonies, and presentations of badges that the boys earned that month.


The Pack is run by the Pack Committee

  1. The Pack Committee is made up of groups of qualified adults appointed by the Chartered Organization to administer the program of the Pack. Usually, the Committee Members, as well as other Pack leaders, are parents of boys in the Pack.
  2. The Committee meets bi-monthly.
  3. The Committee is led by a Committee Chairperson and the Cubmaster.
  4. The Committee plans Den and Pack meetings around the monthly theme.
  5. The Committee selects leaders, performs recordkeeping, manages the Pack’s finances, orders badges, helps train and recognize leaders, and maintains Pack equipment.


The Pack is "owned" by the Chartered Organization

  1. Our Chartered Organization is St. Lawrence Catholic Church.
  2. The Chartered Organization approves leaders, provides a meeting place, and operates Packs within the guidelines and policies of the Chartered Organization and the Boy Scouts of America.
  3. The Chartered Organization selects a Chartered Organization representative who serves as a liaison between the Pack and the organization.