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 Forsyth County Girl Scouts Web Site:


If you're looking for badges on a specific topic or just want to get "beyond the badge book", many councils have "Council's Own" badges and patches...   

Remember to contact the council to make sure they "share" before you start the badge (policies are still changing with the Council Realignment). 

If you can't find what you're looking for below, you can Google for more ideas ("Council's Own" "Girl Scout"), or sign up for the councils-own-programs  group on  Yahoogroups -- there's  great searchable database in the Files section.  If you progress past that, you might be interested in finding out about earning international Girl Guide badges at the "Badges For Thinking Day" group.

Age Level


Details and contact information, as available

Brownies and Juniors Cosmetology, Make-up

All Ages Letterboxing, Geocaching Connecticut Trails has an all-age patch program.  Erie Shores has Geocaching try-its, badges, and IPs available. 
All Ages Soccer Western Washington has a Brownie and Junior soccer program.  Kansas Heartland has a Brownie Try-it, but it doesn't appear on their website [at webmaster's last check] - call for details. 
Brownies and up Fishing Virginia Skyline has a Junior Fishing badge.  Dogwood Trails has a Fishing IP, but may be closing it out, so call the council for more information. 
Brownies and up Archery Raintree Council has a badge.  Beaver Lawrence has their Junior Archery badge posted online.  GS of Sybaquay Council in Elgin, IL has a COA Archery Jr. Badge.  San Diego Imperial Council has an Archery IP and Junior Badge.  Northeast Texas council has a progressive archery patch (not badge/try-it/ip) for all ages.  Historic Georgia has a multi-level archery program.  Black Diamond has an archery IP.
Brownies and Juniorss Georgia on My Mind One of the “gifts” the former Girl Scouts of Pine Valley Council has brought to Girl Scouts of Greater Atlanta is two new Our Own Council awards: the Georgia on My Mind Girl Scout Brownie Try-It and Girl Scout Junior badge. The original awards were created by Girl Scout Troop 511, Fayetteville, Georgia . They have been revised to meet Girl Scouts of the USA ’s guidelines for Our Own Council awards, and may be purchased at all three Girl Scout Badge & Sash stores. The Try-it and badge patches show a portion of the Georgia state flag.
Brownies ASL, Deafness Education Girl Scouts of Central Indiana has a Try-It, and they do share - here is the link to the requirements.
Juniors Bowling Requirements from GS New Jersey Central & Southern Junior Bowling Badge are at:
Juniors Manners the Miss Manners Junior Level Badge from Girls Scouts Central Indiana.
Cadettes/Seniors/Ambassadors Nature at Night Try the Night Watchers IP from the Central and Southern NJ Council. 
All Ages Cakes, Icing has an Girl Scout Icing Sampler kit.  You can order a kit with 3 decorating tips,  and the coupler and bag.  It
also comes with the Wilton Icing Fun patch and a small instruction booklet.
All Ages IPO, Finances, Financial Knowleged Girl Scouts of NY has a Merrill Lynch IPO patch program for all levels.
Brownies and up Nursing Girl Scouts of NY has a Nursing Council's Own will get you to all the different levels
Brownies and up Invasive Weeds


To develop an awareness of invasive species and the threat posed by them to our environment; to learn to identify several types of invasive plants and ways to eliminate or control them.

Juniors NY Statue of Liberty Our Juniors got council approval for a Troop's Own Fairy Badge a couple of
years ago - it's aimed at Juniors, though, so may not help too much with
this activity.
Juniors NY Statue of Liberty Suffolk County NY Council has this great Junior Statue of Liberty Badge
Brownies and up Canoes, rivers Riverland council in Wisconsin has a Rollin' down the River Try-It/Badge/IP
All Ages Elections, Presidents check out GSUSA's Ms. President patch
All Ages Rollercoasters, Amusement Parks Fun at the Fair from the Riverland Council Brownies PDFJuniors PDF, C/S PDF
The Ferris Wheel Patch (all ages) from Western PA council -- call
412-594-2238 x 2238  and ask them to fax/mail you the requirements
Brownies and Juniors Armed Forces, Military, Patriotism Patriotism Try It from Virginia Skyline, and North Coastal Pines has American Patriotism  (all), Honoring our Armed Forces (Br), Salute to our Armed Forces (Jr).  Girl Scout Council of Colonial Coast has a Navy Pride Try-It/Patch/IP and is working on the rest of the armed forces.
Brownies and up Caving, Spelunking Wilderness Road Council offers a Caving Tr-It/Badge/IP
Laurel Caverns offers a Spelunking IP
All Ages Ships, Sailing, Boats, Navigation San Francisco Bay Council has several Council's Own to do with ships, sailing, ocean, and navigation...
Cadettes/Seniors/Ambassadors Quilting Girl Scouts of Central and Southern NJ have a Quilting IP.
Cadettes/Seniors/Ambassadors Scuba The Girl Scout Council of the Nation's Capital has a troop developed "Explore Scuba" IPA which may be available to others outside
the council.  The link to the requirements is:  IPAS can be ordered from Patty Dye - for $2.00 apiece.  Again, this is not strictly a "council's own" but it couldn't hurt to contact Patty.
All Ages Flight, "Going Green", Reading, Invasive Plants, Amistad, Medicine, Juggling, Letterboxing GS of CT is releasing a new list of Council's Own and Patches to celebrate their newly merged status. 
All Ages Religion, Religious Patches

P.R.A.Y. Home (for most religions from A -Z) -
P.R.A.Y. Chart of Awards & religions contacts -
Jewish -
Catholic -
Buddhist -
African Methodist Episcopal -
Baha'i -
Islam -
Hindu -

Ten Commandment Hikes are interfaith and cross-cultural events. Hikers visit ten different houses of worship to hear a brief talk about that faith, its worship space, and an explanation of one of the Ten Commandments. Participants gain greater understanding of other religions and are introduced to the religious awards programs. If your community is interested in sponsoring a "Ten Commandment Hike", the resources at the Web site below will help to organize such an event.

All Ages State Fair, Emergency Preparedness, Fun with Felines, Calendar of Sports, Juliette Gordon Lowe, Diversity/Pluralism, Desert Tortoise, California Poppy, Guide Dog Joshua Tree Council has a diverse group of patches --
Cadettes/Seniors/Ambassadors Biotechnology Check out GSI Girl Scouts Investigate from and Genes:Fashion of the Future from (reqs can be found in their shop)
All Ages

Birds of the Carolinas Badges, Creative Scrapbooking Badge, Become a Chef Badge, Railroading Badge, Night Creatures Badge, Salute to Our Armed Forces Badge, Birds of the Carolinas Try-It, Honoring Our Armed Forces Try-It, Scrapbooking Try-It , Every Vote Counts Try-It, A World of Opportunity Interest Project Patch

North Carolina Coastal Pines council has a huge number of Council's own... 
All Ages Juliette Gordon Low, Savannah, GS History, Coastal Georgia The Savannah Council has some great Girl Scout history badges...
Juniors Ice Skating, Skating Golden Plains council has a Skater badge and an Ice Skating badge (call/email for more details)
Brownies and up Juliette Gordon Low Chesapeake Bay has an earned patch called Juliette's Birthday
Brownies and up Medieval Maidens Central and Western Massachusetts Council just released a Try It/ Badge/ Interest Project called "Medieval Maidens" - "The Middle Ages was the era of knights, fair ladies, princesses and castles. Learn about medieval times beyond the tales of adventure and make-believe and find out about the lives of girls and women during this time."  Central Indiana has a Brownies and Juniors/Cd/Sr/Am program on the Renaissance.  Virginia Skyline has a Junior Making Medieval Magic badge
Brownies Farming, Food, Fiber & Farming try it from Tanasi Council.  Also, you might also want to look at "It's natural" try it from Thousand Islands
Brownies and Juniors Egyptology The Central Texas has an Egyptology patch for both Brownie & Junior levels.
All Ages Myths, Legends and Fairy Tales The Girl Scouts of Northeastern New York (includes the pre-alignment y Hudson Valley Council)  has a patch (or is it an award) for Myths, Legends, and Fairy Tales (several activities involving Ancients).
Cadettes/Seniors/Ambassadors Scrapbooking  "Memory Keepers" is a Cadette/Senior IP focusing on scrapbooking. Kentuckiana's website is
Juniors Kentucky "I Love the Bluegrass State" is a Junior badge. Kentuckiana's website is


Disc Golf

This Troops Own badge teaches basic Disc Golf info and Skills. 

Brownies and up

Horses, ponies

Morris Area GS Council has some Pony Fun Try-it (know any Horse Crazy girls?) and a Gardening Try-It and Junior Badge.  Contact them for specific information on requirements.   Also try these:
"Friends of Horses" - Virginia Skyline Council -
"Horses Are Fun" - Commonwealth Council of Va. -
"Let's Be Horse Friendly" - San Gorgonio Council -
"Horsin' Around Safely" - Rolling Hills Council -
"Horse Try-It" - Tulip Trace Council -

Brownies and up

Smoky Mountains, Scavenger Hunt, Native People, Food-Fibers-&-Farming

GS of Tanasi Council (Knoxville, TN) has several good agricultural and native life patches.  Click here (its part of there store, so you may get a brief security warning -- just click OK).

Brownies and up

Bicycling,  California, Beaches, Cooking, Self Defense,  Skating

Konocti Council has several interesting council's own -- scroll down the page to see what they have available.

Brownies and up


You can see it on the WAGGGS site posted with the AIDS information. After completion of the AIDS Badge Curriculum, WAGGGS badges are available through the Girl Guides of Canada national office, Program Delivery department -- or by post to 50 Merton Street,Toronto, ON M4S 1A3

Brownies and up


Erie Shores in Ohio has a Geocaching Try-It, Junior Badge, and IP.  Webmistress should have info on these soon, and it will go up on their website soon.  Central New York Council has a Let's Go Geo Junior badge (contact them for details, its not online).

Brownies and up

Camping and Outdoors

If you're in a woodsy area, "Fun in the Forest" try-it and "Forest Exploration" badge from Black Hawk council. , Rolling Hills has "Nature at Night" for juniors, Mt. Wilson Vista has 8 Basic Camping Skills (multilevel).  There's also a patch program developed by the San Fernando Valley Girl Scout Council for teaching the basic camping skills to girls could also work on the "Outdoor Skills" badge from Heart of the Hudson Council.

Brownies and up

Various, bugs, sweets (confections), camping, foreign languages, landscaping, Patriotism, cheerleading

Virginia Skyline council has a huge pile of Council's Own badges...  Click for details.


Are your Older Brownies looking for something a bit more challenging?  Swift Water council (New Hampshire) has programs called Do-Its -- they're "back-of-vest" awards, but they're a good challenge for older Brownies.
Brownies and Juniorss

New York

the New York State of Mind Try-it and Junior Patch
Brownies and up

CSI, Mystery, Crime Prevention

Looking for a CSI twist?  Try the Marvelous Mystery badge available from Black Diamond Council. Gateway Council (FL) also has a patch program called Take A Bite out of Crime for Br-Am...
All Ages


The Hawaii Council offers a patch program for girls outside Hawaii.
Cadettes/Seniors/Ambassadors (13-17) Filmmaking, Media Girl Scouts of the USA (GSUSA) is pleased to announce Girls Go Film, a competition for Girl Scouts ages 13-17 in film and new media. GSUSA is inviting Girl Scout members to submit film/video creations not to exceed 10 minutes in length to their Girl Scout councils. These girl-directed films/videos must embody the philosophy of our new mission: "Girl Scouting builds girls of courage, confidence, and character, who make the world a better place." They can be of any genre-narrative or documentary, mixed media, animation, etc. Creativity is encouraged. All contest details, including application forms, are available at .  The deadline for girl submissions to arrive at councils is September 15, 2006. The deadline for council submissions (of the top five finalists) to arrive at GSUSA is October 31, 2006.  Recognition awards will be given to winning girls and their councils. Winning entries will also be featured on official Girl Scout Web sites. Contact your council (Angie Trantham) for more information and to indicate your interest in the competition.
All Ages Plants, Growth, the Earth Roots and Shoots is an amazing program from Girl Scouts Council of the Nation's Capital. It's written with the Jane Goodall foundation. It's for every age of Girl Scout with a Try-it, Badge and IP (Daisies get a participation patch).  Consider doing this in conjunction with Make the World a Better Place during Girl Scout week 2007.
Brownies and up Land, Natural Resources Get with the Land Patch - By earning this patch girls will learn about the Linking Girls to the Land partnership, work side by side with a federal or state natural resource agency professional and choose an environmental project or activity in which to participate or complete. To download the information, go to:  and click on "Download the patch criteria."
Brownies and up Water, Natural Resources, Pollution, Wetlands EPA Water Drop Patch Project The project offers learning opportunities to Girl Scouts in watersheds, non point source pollution, wetlands, and groundwater/drinking water. The project booklet can be located on the Internet at or by calling the National Service Center for Environmental Publications at: 1-800-490-9198.
Cadettes/Seniors/Ambassadors Philanthropy, Women's Issues
All Ages Philanthropy Strength in Sharing: Philanthropy In Girl Scouting - How do young girls learn values that lead to philanthropy? How can teens be encouraged to give back to their communities? The answers may be found in Strength in Sharing: Philanthropy in Girl Scouting, a booklet written for leaders with activities for all age levels. The colorful apple designs represent the planting and sprouting of the seeds of philanthropy. Order it through your council shop, or find it at 
Cadettes/Seniors/Ambassadors Philanthropy, Women's Issues -- Through this Interest Patch, you will learn about the challenges facing women and girls around the world, and how they are using their energy and creativity to improve their lives
All Ages Tennis As part of the Girl Scout Sports Initiative, USTA has joined forces with the Girl Scouts to offer tennis programs. Daisy through Girl Scouts 11-17 may receive a patch by fulfilling a variety of criteria based on skill development, knowledge of the sport, and participation in a tennis program. To receive the USTA/GSUSA National Tennis Patch a girl must complete the specified criteria. Girls may wear this patch on the back of their sash or vest.  Contact Angie Trantham at council for more details...criteria listed below according to your current Girl Scout level. 
Juniors Butterflies GSNWG's Council's Own Butterfly Badge -- call the Chattahoochee Nature Center, they often have Badge sessions to earn this patch.  email to or call 770-992-2055 ext.249
Juniors Women, Engineering, Intro to GS 11-17 Girl Scouts of Central Massachusetts has a Women in Engineering badge, and a good Council's Own introductory IPA to help girls moving up to Older GS. You can download the requirements at our Council website - the name of the IPA is Girl Scouting a World of Opportunities.
All Ages /Ad God, Religion (all faiths)

A new “TO SERVE GOD” patch has been designed specifically for Girl Scouts. This patch highlights the first part of the Girl Scout Promise “to serve God.”  The purpose of this patch is to learn about and promote the religious awards programs.  The requirements are simple:  1)     Attend or make a presentation on religious awards, and  2)     Make a commitment “To Serve God”.  Both girls and adults may earn this patch. It is available to girls and adults of all faiths. This patch signifies that the wearer has learned about the religious awards programs and has made a commitment. This patch does not replace the religious awards. On the contrary, P.R.A.Y. hopes that this patch will increase usage of the religious awards.  The new patch is a four-segment puzzle patch. Only one segment will be offered in any given year. The first patch features the kneeling Girl Scout. It is available now from P.R.A.Y. at or 1-800-933-7729. Patches may be pre-ordered for distribution at the presentation/information seminar. Click here for a brochure/order form. More information is available on the P.R.A.Y. web site.


All Ages Leave No Trace, Camping, Environment Sahuaro Girl Scout Council has a Council's Own Leave No Trace Badge. Once completed, fill in the badge order section and send in with the money - Council will mail you the badges.  You may also modify the activities as it suites you region, just as long as
the intent is there. Additionally, you can refer to for further assistance when working on the badge. These are proficiency badges and may be worn on the front of the uniform. However, the junior and older girl badges are a bit larger than anticipated.