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Scout Troop Helps Keep City Clean

Boys from Scout Troop 165 recently picked up trash from the streets and sidewalks of downtown Dodgeville. The Troop has enjoyed doing service for the city for the past several years. Service to the community is an important part of the Boy Scout activities. Pictured here are Brian Hugill, Patrick O'Brien, Stefan Lepinske, Christian Lepinske, Jeremy Peplinski, and Daniel Kinney.

Submitted by Stefan Lepinske,
Troop 165 Historian

Boy Scouts Have Fun at Summer Camp

As the new school year begins, I can't help thinking that just a few weeks ago, I was in Wisconsin's Northwoods at summer camp. It is far from home, but the long drive to Camp Phillips Boy Scout Reservation near Rice Lake, Wisconsin, is something I look forward to each summer. There are so many fun things to do. I signed up for merit badge workshops about First Aid, Camping, Mammal Study, and Citizenship in the World. Some of the other boys learned Rifle Shooting, Swimming, Lifesaving, Emergency Preparedness, Watersports, Hiking, and many other activities.

There is even a game night were the whole camp comes together to play camp games in a big field. Also in that same field we a do a flag ceremony and afterward, we go to a big dinning hall made of timber to eat. Each troop has its own camp site and a personal dock and boats. A very common thing to do there is to go fishing on one of the four lakes in the camp. Also, there is a special group set up called high five for the older scouts to do adventure activities such as sailing, kayaking, mountain biking, and climbing. There is a program set up for the first year scouts so they can learn skills up though first class. In this program the scouts are taught skills such as first aid, knots, lashing, cooking, and hiking. 

It was sad when the time came to go home, but we can only what until next year comes around.

Boy Scouts Practice Pioneering Skills

Boy Scout Troop 165 had a great time on a pioneering weekend last week 
when they worked on projects such as building a signal tower made of 
logs, cooking over a fire, and did a flag ceremony in a forest clearing 
on a flag pole they made of one tall tree. The boys were able to 
practice these special scout skills on private land in rural Dodgeville, 
and also practice lashings, knots and camping skills.

Boy Scout Explore Tracking Skills

Scouts from Boy Scout Troop 165 met Tuesday at "Outpost 165", a private woodlot near Dodgeville, to work on tracking skills, a part of boy scouting since its beginnings. Scout tracking tends to focus on the tracking of animals primarily for food, clothing, and shelter, as well as tracking people for the purpose of search-and-rescue. Tracking is also an art for observing animals, animal behavior and for gaining understanding about the landscape and the creatures living there. Several scouts make plaster casts of wildlife tracks they found along the trail. Pictured above are (L-R) Daniel Kinney, Christian Lepinske, Justice Biba, Brian Hugill (Senior Patrol Leader), Patrick O'Brien, Micah Dominguez, David O'Brien, and Stefan Lepinske.

By Stefan Lepinske, Troop Historian,

Dodgeville Scouts Work on Skills

Boy Scout Troop 165 had a great time on a pioneering skills weekend recently when they camped out two nights, built a signal tower made of logs, cooked over a fire, and did flag ceremonies in a forest clearing using a flag pole they made of one tall tree. The boys were able to practice these special scout skills on private land in rural Dodgeville, and also practice lashings, knots, cooking and camping skills. For dinner on Saturday, we ate fish, steak and vegetable kabobs with Dutch oven pecan-pumpkin pie for dessert. Yum!

Shown in the signal tower photo are (l-r) top: Jeremy Peplinski, Christian Lepinske, Joseph Peplinski, Stefan Lepinske; bottom: Caleb Winkel, Scoutmaster Bryan Anders, Assistant Scoutmaster Chuck Peplinski, David O'Brien, Andrew Lins, Cody Westphal, Carson Gilbert, Jake Anders, Assistant Scoutmaster Mark Lepinske.

Submitted by Stefan Lepinske, Troop 165, Dodgeville (

Scouts Get United Fund Grant

Audrey Rue from the United Fund of Iowa County, visited Boy Scout Troop 165 and presented a donation for high adventure and summer camp activities this year. Six Boy Scouts from Troop 165 will be traveling on a challenging high adventure kayaking trip in the Florida Keys. The grant presented by United Fund of Iowa County will help the Dodgeville Scouts with expenses for this trip.

About fifteen other boys from the Troop are expected to attend the Troop's regular summer camp this year. The United Fund of Iowa County chose to award this grant to Troop 165 because they thought that it was a worthy cause which will help instill leadership and self-confidence in the boys.

The United Fund of Iowa County is a volunteer organization dedicated to helping non-profit groups locally. They encourage everyone to donate to the United Fund of Iowa County. Troop 165 may be contacted through

Shown receiving the grant are (l-r) front: Ben Olson, Audrey Rue (United Fund of Iowa County Board Member); middle: Stefan Lepinske, William Miles, Daniel Kinney, Patrick O'Brien, Caleb Winkel, Micah Dominguez, Justice Biba; back: Assistant Scoutmaster Chuck Peplinski, Carson Gilbert, Christian Lepinske, Jason Gleichauf, Jeremy Peplinski, Joseph Peplinski, Nick Dominguez, Bennett Applegate, and Scoutmaster Mark Lepinske.