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Holden/Kingsville MO Boy Scout Troop 727

Just a quick note to let the scouting community know:

Holden, Missouri Boy Scout troop 403 and the Kingsville, Missouri Boy Scout troop 304 have merged into Boy Scout Troop 727!
The new Boy Scout Troop 727 just celebrated our 1 year anniversary and we're doing great!  In our first year of existence, we have celebrated the achievement of introducing two boys to the highest Boy Scout Rank of Eagle.  only 4 % of all boys that join Boy Scouting ever reach this final rank!  In addition to the two new Eagle Scouts, our Troop has been awarded the coveted "Journey to Excellence" GOLD AWARD for our camping and advancement programs in scouting for 2012.  An added bonus is that all of this was obtained with dedicated boys and leaders while having FUN! 

This is an exciting and new opportunity for the boys and young men of the Holden and Kingsville area to be a part of the adventurous Boy Scouting program.  Our new troop currently has about 20 boys and about 10 active leaders.  We are EXTREMELY EXCITED to be starting a new page in scouting for our area!  Past troop histories will not be forgotten, and we will honor our previous boys and events through a photo gallery soon to be started on this website.  We thank the two previous troop sponsors for the years of dedication that they provided.  We are now proudly being sponsored by the Holden, MO, Forward Community Church and are extremely thankful to have them as our sponsor!

If you have a boy, or even a young man at home, who would like a FUN way to make friends, learn about the outdoors and survival skills through monthly camping adventures, become helpful with first aid, plus learn about responsibility, honesty and how to respect and treat others around them, we WELCOME any and all boys and their parents to come check us out!  Scouting is a tremendous program that helps boys learn and add direction to their lives.  The best part about it is that they get all of these benefits WHILE they're having fun AND it's an activity your child can be a part of that doesn't cost an arm and a leg!!  Troop 727 is a true "Boy Lead" troop, with adult leaders there to support and assist when and where, as needed. Many of our leaders are life long Boy Scouts who fully understand and want to promote all the fun and skills that we learned as boys.  We hold Scouting very dear to our hearts.

If you're interested in being a part of our new troop, please contact me, Clint McQueary, Scout Master, Troop 727.  My cell number is 816-419-1164.  You can reach me via email: