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Welcome to Crew 240 - A Co Ed Scouting Experience

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Its a great day to be alive.......and WET! August 2015

The ladies of Crew 240 squeezing off some .45acp.

Crew 240 camps rain, shine, or snow.


Crew 240 stops for a photo opportunity with Mother Nature


Ty takes a moment to shoot something a bit more potent than a .22 LR, ... can you say 300 Winchester Magnum! 


 Our gear trailer we affectianety named Forest makes camping so much more efficient.

Grant, Elliot, and Ty take a breather on the side of Mt Hood.                       Kari, Emily, Grant, Jasmine, Ty, and Elliot pose for a picture

Elliot and Jasmine hold still while Grant eats the Abominable Snow Monster


The Scouts of Crew 240 participating in an Effective Communication exercise. "Please drop the pudding into my mouth!"

Cameron is beginning to believe Emily was not receiving the correct message about where to bomb, I mean drop the pudding.

The Crew wrapping up a shooting weekend at Camp Wilkerson          Jasmine, Zeke, and Alena preparing to climb Whistler Glacier

                                                                           Jasmine and Jessica scoring Bullseyes under the guidance of Dan and Josh

                                        Crew 240 May 8 2013                                           Hillsboro 4th of July Parade w/ Zeke, Cameron, Kat, Peter and Advisors Dan & Alena

Crew 240 navigates Box Car!
Crew 240 give a "High 5" as they start down the Deschutes River             
The Maupin Oregon group pauses for one last phot
                            Jessica & Cameron Rugged Maniac                                                                                           Jasmine & Jessica Gales Creek Day Hike June 9, 2013

                                    Cameron & Jessica Rugged Maniac                                                                     Cameron, Jessica & Sam Rugged Maniac
Jessica, Josh (Crew Associate Advisor), & Jasmine Gales Creek Day Hike                      Jasmine Gales Creek Day Hike
Sam Rugged Maniac                                       Peter Rugged Maniac                                  Dan (Crew Advisor) Rugged Maniac

Crew 240 performing the opening Flags for The Friends of Scouting Breakfast        Sam and Jessica waiting for the start of the FOS Breakfast
Advisor Dan points out, proper nutrition always starts with Doritos, While Associate Advisor Alena says a well behaved Scouts starts with a good choking in the morning!
Kaila and Alan preparing for the FOS Flag Ceremony                        Zeke posting the American Flag with Jessica

Jessica and Kaila showing off their NYLT credentials.                              The rugged maniac team waiting for their turn to soil those beautiful white t shirts.     

Crew 240 on top of Whistler Glacier.                                                     Crew 240 stops to admire the Olympic symbol at Olympic Park.
Yes Alena, You are about experience GRAVITY!                                                Zeke and Alena conquered Whistler Glacier.

What: Crew 240 is a co-ed Boy Scouts of America Venturing Crew in Hillsboro, OR chartered (sponsored) by the Independent Order of Odd Fellows. Our mission is to give young adults (age 14-20) the opportunity to develop character, leadership, and values that are consistent with Boy Scouts of America's traditions and mission statement. Crew 240 is a high adventure Crew and we use that trait as our fundamental training advantage. Crew 240 is Youth lead with adults along side as advisors. Crew members learn character, values, and leadership through a project management model. Each year is highlighted by an EXTREME HIGH ADVENTURE, that is only possible through detailed project management the prior months leading up.

When: Crew 240 holds meetings Wednesday nights from 7pm-8:30pm. All meetings are open to anyone who is considering joining Crew 240.

Where: Crew 240 meets at the Independent Order of Odd Fellows lodge at 267 Main St. Hillsboro, OR 97123

Want to join?: Great! You can walk on the wild side and just show up to our next meeting on Wednesday, or you can click on the "Contact Our Crew" up above and email me to make sure we are meeting. Chances are, we are there.

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To email me questions or suggestions, click on "Contact Our Crew" at the top of this page.

Thanks for your interest,
Tony B