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Boy Scout Troop 2
(Seneca MBA, New York)
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Welcome to Seneca District's Merit Badge Adventure!

Merit Badge Adventure 2014 Update: September 9, 2014

MBA 2014 September RT flyer was e-blitzed and distributed by RT mail folders to all Seneca Waterways Troops<--click here or download at end of page

Update to MBA's September RT flyer: (no need to reprint, just handwrite in and display at your Troop meetings)

  • Game Design - Cross off AM only listing and move Game Design to AM session or PM session block
  • Dentistry - add to AM only block
  • Switch Public Speaking AM and Railroading PM (placements is vice versa on RT flyer) -- updated Sept 17th

Parents and Leaders -- Look what's being offered for you at 2014 MBA -- Mini-Sessions!  <--click here

Update: September 15, 2014 --  There are several glitches this year working against MBA deadline, Sept 15th deadline, to get Troops prerequisites information posted and online registration up & running.  

Can I PLEASE ask for your patience?  Any emails received in the next couple of days will be prioritized so there will be a delay in responses.  First is the prerequisites compilations and then online registration system.  With the new era of smart phones, MBA registrar/webmistress has seen MANY changes behind the scenes already that is slowing things down MUCH.  Let's aim for Friday, Sept 19 that all will be in place for Troop meetings next week.

Update: September 11, 2014 - The original online registration was removed as it was incorrectly set up as an 'event notice only' not an 'online registration system'.  The Online Registration System is currently  for show only as its being worked on. Will be ready for display/ access by Sept 15th once all the prerequisites have been finalized.  

In the meantime PLEASE set up your Patrol Method of doing MBA sign ups which means a designated SPL and his adult mentor.  The SPL will be in charge of sign ups and payments collections.  SPL will then give the sign up sheet to both the Troop treasurer and the adult mentor.  The adult mentor will do the online registration for the ENTIRE Troop.    Be forewarned: one Scout/ parent can lock out the ENTIRE Troop if they do an individual online registration so PLEASE direct ALL Scouts and Parents to THIS website!

Common question asked:  Can Troops' early birders be registered first and procrastinating Scouts added later?  YES!  The designated adult mentor can do your registration weekly on the Troops' end after the SPL gives them the sign ups updates.

Merit Badge Adventure 2014...

Saturday, November 15, 2014 
Midlakes High School, Clifton Springs (east of Victor, NY)
from 8 am to 4 pm  

Changes for Merit Badge Adventure 2014:  

  • NO Walk-Ins allowed.  (Defeats Boy Scout Motto of BE PREPARED.)
  • NEW-- MBA moves to online registration. (Email registration NO LONGER AVAILABLE.)
  • Payment for MBA should be made by mail before event.  Details will be posted here.

Want to volunteer at 2014 Merit Badge Adventure?  Merit Badge Adventure Committee welcomes everyone regardless if first timer or experienced!!  We have many jobs before and at MBA that can be tailored to fit your schedule.  Watch for the posting on our Volunteer page.  <--click here

We are recruiting Assistants/Helpers to Merit Badge Counselors!  
This is a great opportunity to learn the ropes of what being a Merit Badge Counselor is all about, by watching and helping for those merit badge you are interested in doing yourself. Please use the 'Contact Our Troop' button above to volunteer today.  

More monthly updates posted here or consider joining the Merit Badge Adventure e-list to avoid missing future e-blast by hitting the 'Contact Our Troop' above to 'subscribe' to our 2014 MBA e-list.  Keep it super simple please:   

Subject Heading:   SUBSCRIBE         
Inside comment box: 
First Line: name
Second line: If out of town, Troop number and Council, State.  If in Seneca Waterways, use Troop number and town please.
(Leave Districts info off please as many honestly don't know.  It gets confusing when it can be Troop 001 from either Henrietta, Brockport or Sodus.)
(Scouts MUST CC in an adult per BSA YPT regulation please.)

Scouter's Lingo Helps:
RT = Roundtable - a monthly meeting in each Scout District in EVERY Council where loads of information is covered.  For Seneca Waterways that is usually the first Wednesday or Thursday depending on which District you are in. 

BA = acronym for Merit Badge Adventure

SPL = Senior Patrol Leader

Icon File Name Comment  
2014 MBA tweet flyer (Sept RT) - FINAL.pdf MBA 2014 flyer with the updated changes from September Roundtable distribution