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Your Pack 141 Cub Scout Experience

What is Scouting?

If you are a boy in Kindergarten through Fifth Grade - or you are 7 years old to 10 years old - then Cub Scouting is for you!  It is also for your family too!  This is the first and the largest of the Scouting programs offered by the Boy Scouts of America.

Cub Scouts Do Things and Go Places
Cub Scouting means "Doing".  You have lots to do as a Cub Scout.  Crafts, Games, Sports, Songs, Stories, and Puzzles - just to name a few.  Much of the fun happens right at the Den Meetings.  Den's of Pack 141 usually meet twice a month, sometime even more often.  The Pack will meet once a month.  All during the School year.  At both the Den and Pack Meetings, Cub Scouts do things that are always fun and offer an opportunity for learning.

Pardon our Dust, this site is under construction.  5/2017

As a Pack we try to stay very active throughout the year. Our goal is to allow the boys to complete the items needed to achieve their next rank whether that is a Tiger rank or to move on to Boy Scouts. However, our most important goal is to provide a set of activities that let the boys HAVE FUN! All of the pack activities are centered on one of these goals.

Meetings - As a pack we meet monthly on the 3rd Friday of the month at 7 pm at Sycamore United Methodist Church. Occasionally we will plan events for alternate dates or locations. You will receive information either through pack emails or your den leaders. You can expect at least 2 den meetings per month and some dens meet 3 times a month. Verify your den meetings with your den leader.

Finances – Other than nominal pack dues, as a pack we try to only do a single fund raiser per year:  popcorn sales. If successful, we will raise enough funds through this event to fund all programs throughout the year, including the derbies, food for meetings, awards, and extra events such as Scout-O-Rama and Cub-O-Ree.

Committee Meetings – These are the planning meetings for the pack. All parents are invited to attend. These meetings are typically held the 1st Tuesday of month at 6:30 at Sycamore United Methodist Church. All Den Leaders are asked to attend as well. Decisions about the pack and pack activities happen at these meetings.

Boy Scouts of America History

While walking the misty streets of London in 1909, American businessman William Boyce lost his way. A boy offered to guide him to his destination. Boyce wanted to pay him, but the boy explained that he was a Scout, and that Scouts do not accept money for doing good turns.  Eager to learn more, Mr. Boyce met with Robert Baden-Powell, founder of the Boy Scout movement in Great Britain. Boyce knew that boys back home would like the idea, so he brought Scouting to the United States. Papers incorporating the Boy Scouts of America were signed on February 8, 1910 - the date celebrated as the official birthday of the BSA.

The experiences of Scouting's first century add up to some mighty big numbers, starting with one hundred candles on a cake. Here are some other eye-opening sums:

110 million - People registered by the BSA since 1910

3 million - Youth members currently registered

2.3 million - Merit badges earned each year

2 million - Scouts who have earned the Eagle Scout award

1.1 million - Registered adult leaders

1 - You, the most important Scout today. Learn skills, have fun, work on advancement, and be the best Scout you can. That's the best birthday gift you can give the BSA.

How Can You Join?

Joining Cub Scout Pack 141 is as easy as contacting one of our adult leaders, using the "Contact Our Pack" link, or just visiting one of our pack meetings.