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WOW!!! Summer camp was incredible! We really did not escape much of the heat, but it was cooler in the mornings. The boys had a great time and earned some merit badges and signed lots of stuff off in their books. We fished, canoed, swam, orienteered, shot arrows, shotguns, and rifles. Lucas even did some black powder rifle.It stormed us one day, and we had lots of hills to climb. Chow was not bad, especially with the salad bar they added this year. The food was actually fairly good. Not as much climbing as some of the camps we have been to. The boys had lots of free time to make up skills and just have a good time.

I am very proud of our boys that attended camp. They all did very well. I would like to recognize Tim Jr. for his fishing skills and his willingness to tackle the things he found difficult. Aron for knocking out the orienteering. Logan took his free time and knocked out the swimming merit badge, which was definitely not easy. Lucas for completing his final summer camp as a youth. Zak for an outstanding job as the Senior Patrol Leader. He was a constant example of what a senior scout is supposed to be.

And lastly, my two Assistant Scoutmasters. Mr. Tim and Mr. Dion were spot on the entire trip. Their leadership and attention to detail made the entire event a success. So to them I am very thankful. Outstanding job guys!!!!

Well another summer camp down!. No meeting tomorrow night. So we will see you all next Tuesday. And I do hope everyone checked for ticks thoroughly. I had two when I got home that were the size of a pin head.

See ya,
Mr. Lew

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