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Venturing Crew 626
(San Diego, California)
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 Venturing Crew 626 - San Diego, California

About Crew 626

Crew 626 was founded in July of 2009 and is chartered through Peñasquitos Lutheran Church.  We are loosely affiliated with Troop 626, and some of our crew members are registered in both the troop and the crew.  Our members are very active high school students who balance school and multiple extracurricular activities (band, orchestra, sports, service clubs, etc.), and they have decided to join Venturing because it provides them unique opportunities. We don't have a formal meeting place, but we are centered in the Rancho Peñasquitos area.  Our current members attend local high schools such as Mt. Carmel HS, Rancho Bernardo HS and Westview HS.  Admittedly, sometimes the members find it difficult to squeeze all of the crew's activities into their very busy schedules.
Crew 626 is quite laid-back in comparison to many other crews.  We focuses primarily on having fun together while participating in a variety of activities.  Our activities have ranged from urban experiences such as visiting the San Diego Zoo to high adventure activities such as backpacking in Yosemite National Park and Philmont.  Most of our outings have emphasized outdoor activities (hiking, camping, backpacking, canoeing, etc.).  The type of activities we participate in is largely determined by the interests of the crew members.  We are not big on uniforms, and so far none of our members have shown much interest in earning Venturing awards.

If you are interested in learning more about Crew 626, please click the "Contact Our Crew " button above and send us an e-mail.  We will be glad to provide additional information about Venturing and Crew 626.

Crew 626 Meetings

Crew 626 has one scheduled "formal" meeting per month.  The schedule has been flexible to avoid conflicts with events such as school holidays.  Meetings generally start at 7 PM and end around 9 PM.  Meetings are usually held at the Advisor's home.   However, we will occasionally change the time and location for special activities.  Changes in the meeting schedule will be broadcast to crew members via e-mail and updated on our website's private calendar.

Between meetings, crew news is frequently communicated via e-mail and this website.  It is important that members logon and check their e-mail regularly.

If you are not currently a member and are interested in attending a meeting, please e-mail us by clicking the "Contact Our Crew" button on the menu bar and send us an e-mail.  We are eager to welcome new members into our crew.