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Camp Emerald Bay

 Camp Emerald Bay- We build good people.

About Emerald Bay

Emerald Bay, located on the undeveloped West End of Catalina Island, enjoys unparalleled access to the natural gems of Catalina's singular ecosystem. The secluded beaches and coves that surround us boast world-renowned snorkeling and diving, frequently counted among the top ten destinations in the world. For the terrestrial naturalists, the hiking trails that radiate from our camp provide the perfect opportunity to spot the endemic Catalina Island Fox or the famously anachronistic Bison. This well-preserved environment, under the care of the Catalina Island Conservancy, provides a uniquely accurate window into the natural history of California.


The recorded history of Emerald Bay dates back to the 18th century when Chumash Indians, Spaniards, and
the odd pirate occupied the land. In the mid-19th century the Johnson Brothers used Emerald Bay to graze cattle and ship them to the mainland. The occasional corral fencing from Johnson's Landing (as it was known at the time) can still be found in our campsites to this day. It wasn't until 1925 that the Crescent Bay Area Council founded the Boy Scout facility that we know today. For fifteen years the camp served hundreds of local scouts and scouters until, in 1940, the Navy requisitioned the camp for  underwater demolition training. Some of our oldest staff cabins are the remnants of the officer and trainee housing from this era. In 1946 Camp Emerald Bay re-opened with roughly 80-100 campers and 15 staffers- a mere fraction of the numbers we serve today.


The camp has continued to grow and now serves over 5000 scouts in a summer with a staff of roughly 150 young men and women dedicated to produce a unique and unparalleled scouting experience. Additionally, the Spring and Fall Seasons have become an increasingly popular time for school, church, business, and organization retreats and events. 

Emerald Bay is more than a resort or weekend away. We work, through Environmental Education, Marine Science Initiatives, and Ethics and Leadership Training, to build good people. 

Boy Scout Program

Camp Emerald Bay currently serves over 4500 Boy Scout Campers per summer. With such a large property and many exploration sites on Catalina's West End, the possibilities for activity and growth are limitless. Your week-long stay will be broken into five periods each day, during which you may take part in a number of merit badges and rank advancement opportunities.


Emerald Bay also offers a wide variety of Troop bonding activities such as kayaking, mountain biking, and snorkeling. You will also take part in the traditional Emerald Bay War Canoe, where you will join your troop for an incredible team building overnight experience on secluded Parson's Beach, just an hour's canoe ride away. 


In addition to the many merit badge programs detailed in the 2016 merit badge packet (available in the Spring of 2016) and numerous troop activities, Camp Emerald Bay has a number of programs to offer you during your free time during the rest of the day. Be prepared: One thing you can truly count on is keeping very busy during your week long stay here. The following is a list of our various program areas, as well as a few additional programs you can sign up for while at camp.

•    Waterfront: Come down to Doctor’s Cove to snorkel with a buddy and you might spot a Giant Black Sea Bass or Bat Ray!

•    Handicraft: Join our creative Handicraft staff during an open session and sculpt a masterpiece, stamp a leather belt, or carve an original neckerchief slide. Purchase your item at the Ship's Store across the way and we'll show you how to make it your own.

•    Nature: Meet with our Nature Staff on the Dining Hall Porch after dark and learn about the stars like you never could in a planetarium. The plethora of shining stars in our sky isn't veiled by city light or air pollution. Who knows? You may just catch a meteor shower while you're gazing.

•    Marine Center:Explore the aquarium. See and touch a live Leopard Shark!

•    Field Sports: Looking to improve your skills as a marksman? Come on over to our state-of-the-art Archery, Rifle, and Shotgun ranges for some free-shooting time.

•    Scoutcraft: When you come up to our Scout-craft pirate ship during your free time, let loose and play some volleyball on a net that you wove together, or contribute your own structural masterpiece to the area for future Scouts to enjoy!

•    Aquacade: Try Aqua-madness!  Head to the waterfront for fun with your troop and compete in our camp-wide games. Help your troop win the coveted Aquacade trophy!

•    Silver Peak Sunrise Hike: See the sunrise like you never will again. The West End of Catalina is home to the third largest peak on the Island. This four-hour round trip hike is not for the faint of heart, but your toils will be rewarded with a stunning 360 degree sunrise panorama.

•    Pirate Award Program: Have you been to Emerald Bay before? Are you coming back this summer? If so, download this form to check out the requirements of our exclusive Pirate Award Program. Complete the requirements during your free time and earn a cool patch to put on your uniform!



Top Left: A patrol of boys hikes to Arrow Point to watch the sunset over the Pacific Ocean.

Middle Right: Scouts practice a cross-canoe rescue on the Waterfront.

Bottom Left: A Scout aims for a bull's eye on the Archery Range. 


Camp Chawanakee

Serving the youth of California, Nevada, ArizonaFlorida, Montana and Hawaii since 1947

Celebrating 68 Years in 2014

Welcome to the pride of the Sequoia Council Camp Chawanakee. The camp was founded on Shaver Lake in 1946 by a grant from the federal government, the Civilian Conservation Corps and Southern California Edison Power Company. The first year of operation was 1947.  Camp Chawanakee has grown from a capacity of 100 Scouts and no facilities to today's 4400 Scouts and Scouters with complete group of permanent facilities.

The camp operates nine one-week long sessions for the summer season from June to August, accommodating 500+ Scouts and Adults in 23 campsites at a time, while simultaneously offering a family camping area nearby.

Camp Chawanakee offers opportunities for Scouts to develop their unit and personal programs in a concentrated weeklong full-time scouting achievement environment. There is the Trail to First Class program for new and junior scouts as well as the opportunity for Scouts to earn their choice of over 40 merit badges. For the more accomplished Scouts there are the Trails of Chawanakee, The 52'  climbing tower, rifle and shotgun shooting, sail boating, C.O.P.E. Course and overnight adventure outings.

The first step in making a reservation for camp is to contact Joseph at (559) 320-2100 Ext 107 to find out what is available for camp. After that you will be required to mail in the reservation paperwork and your initial deposit. Remember a reservation is not valid without the $100 per patrol site deposit. Campsite reservations made without deposits will be held for 30 days after which the reservation is subject to cancellation.

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Camp Emerson, Idylwild, CA

A Brief History of Camp Emerson

Boy Scouts first began camping in the Camp Emerson area of Idyllwild in 1919, making the camp one of the oldest camps in the West.! 

Camp Emerson was initially formed in 1919 through a generous grant of 5 acres of land from Mr. C.L. Emerson. The area officially bore the name Camp Emerson in 1921 when the land was deeded on paper to the Riverside County Council. 

During the six week Summer Camp period in 1921 Camp Emerson was host to 433 boys. Camp Emerson acted as both a long term camp and base camp for scouts hiking into the San Jacinto wilderness. 

In 1922 upon seeing the success of the camp Mr. Emerson granted yet another 5 acres to the council. It was also at this point that the talk of the first structure was mentioned. In June of 1923 Camp Emerson saw its first building which acted as a Kitchen and Commissary. The 1930’s brought the addition of the A.H. Sweet Pool, Cobblestone and the James West lodge. 

Camp Emerson saw its next expansion in 1948 with the purchase of 15.5 acres of land from the Idyllwild All Year Resort. This purchase added to the northern and eastern boundaries. In 1949 the council saw fit to purchase portions of the Idyllwild Golf Course. 

In 1950 the William H. Kidston memorial fund was bequeathed to the council following his passing. The fund consisted of $25,000 in stocks. One condition in it’s creation was that only the interest was to be used leaving the principal intact for years to come. Camp Emerson was also in the middle of a building boom at this time seeing the addition of Baden-Powell, Boyce Dan Beard, Langston and Guenther Lodges. 

In 1962 the land that is home to the present day rifle and archery ranges and Lake Gallaher was purchased from the Idyllwild School of Creative Living for $18,000. Hugh Gallaher in 1965 began to put his vision of an aquatics program on paper. This vision became present day Lake Gallaher. The construction of the dam began in 1966 with the financial backing and engineering skill of Mr. Gallaher. Following construction of the lake came the William H. Kidston boathouse. This was but a portion of the construction in camp as the boom continued. This decade brought Elmore Lodge a new Central Services lodge and the Phillip Boyd Nature Lodge. 1968 also brought about the largest addition to camp in its history by more than doubling the size of Camp Emerson with the addition of 100 acres known as Camp Brown. This purchase was meant to give the boys a place to stay that was off the beaten path. 

The A.H. Sweet pool was finally rehabbed and modernized in 1975 when the filter system was changed out from Chlorine Gas to the current system. The pool also saw another addition in 1991 when Cahuilla Lodge-Order of the Arrow purchased new heaters for the pool. 

In the past 10 years the addition of showers and flushing toilets has occurred through the rehab and construction of several facilities that include the Simonds Flats, Family, Boathouse and Wagon Wheel Restrooms.

Philmont Scout Ranch

Born in 1938 as Philturn Rockymountain Scoutcamp, today's Philmont Scout Ranch is a bustling center for high adventure and training. Youth and adults take advantage of the Ranch'scamping, training and work programs. Most activity takes place during the summer, but Philmont also offers Autumn Adventure and Winter Adventure programs.

More than 950,000 Scouts, Venturers, and leaders have experienced the adventure of Philmont since the first camping season in 1939. Throughout its existence, conscientious attention to low-impact camping techniques has helped maintain the Ranch's wilderness.

The area surrounding the Ranch is rich with history, from the Native Americans who made this arid land their home to the land barons of the 19th century. The town of Cimarron boasts a number of historical buildings, including the St. James Hotel: the site of at least 26 killings during Cimarron's wilder days.


Philmont Scout Ranch is the Boy Scouts of America's largest national High Adventure Base. Its 34 staffed camps and 55 trail camps provide an unforgettable adventure in the high country along hundreds of miles of rugged, rocky trails.

Philmont History 

Over the course of many years, Philmont has been a famous stop on the Santa Fe Trail, the home of Jicarilla Apache and Moache Ute Indians, a prospecting community and a working cattle ranch. 

Florida Sea Base

The Florida National High Adventure Sea Base is a unique Scouting program that offers aquatics programs found nowhere else. Whether your interests lie in sailing, scuba diving, rustic camping on an undeveloped barrier island, fishing or a combination of all, this is the place for your troop or crew.

The Sea Base began in the early 1970's as a local program in the Florida Keys called the Florida Gateway to High Adventure under the guidance of Sam Wampler, a professional Scouter from the South Florida Council. It offered primarily sailing programs using local marinas and chartered boats sailing to the Bahamas and back. As the idea caught on and grew, it joined the high adventure offerings of the National Council of the BSA along with Philmont Scout Ranch and the Northern Tier High Adventure Base. In 1979 the Sea Base acquired a permanent facility on Lower Matecumbe Key and when this opened for Scouts in 1980 it was renamed the Florida National High Adventure Sea Base. As the popularity of this program grew, scuba diving was added and in 1984 the BSA received the gift of Big Munson Island from Homer Formsby. This undeveloped island offered tremendous program potential as an outpost for primitive camping, Robinson Crusoe style. During this time period the sailing program concentrated on sailing around the fabulous Florida Keys. New sailing programs were started that originated and ended in Marsh Harbour in the beautiful Abaco Islands of the Bahamas.

Sea Base programs continued to excite the imagination of Scouts and Scouters and as attendance grew the need for a second facility was obvious. Thanks to the generosity of J. Porter Brinton of Greenwich, CT, the Brinton Environmental Center opened in 2001 making the Sea Base even better. The Sea Base has continued to add and upgrade facilities and programs to meet the needs of Scouts.

Sea Base now operates eleven different adventures out of three different locations: two in the Florida Keys, and one in Marsh Harbour, Bahamas. The adventures Coral Reef Sailing, Sea Exploring Adventure, Eco-Adventure, Scuba Adventure, Scuba Certification, and Live Aboard Scuba Adventure operate in the Florida Keys at Mile Marker 73.8 at Sea Base on Lower Matecumbe Key located 75 miles south of Miami (Lower Matecumbe Key - MAP). Out Island Adventure, Keys Adventure and Florida Fishing programs operate in the Florida Keys on Summerland Key at Mile Marker 23.8 at the Brinton Environmental Center located 125 miles south of Miami (Summerland Key - MAP). (Key West, the southernmost point in the Keys, Florida and the continental United States, is located at Mile Marker zero.) Bahamas Adventure and Bahamas Tall Ship Adventures operate out of the Bahamas Sea Base in Marsh Harbour, Abaco, Bahamas, located about 100 miles east of Fort Lauderdale. (For mailing and physical address, visit the contact page.)

Scouting's most complete aquatic facility offers a complete variety of water activities from scuba diving to sailing "Tall Ships". All of our participants have the opportunity to swim, snorkel, and fish among the most beautiful coral reefs in the northern hemisphere. In 2010, in conjunction with the Centennial Celebration of the Boy Scouts of America, the Florida Sea Base will celebrate 30 years of providing Scouts and Scouters from across America ocean adventures that make a lifetime difference.

National High Adventure Base at the "Summit"


Skateboarding (High Quality) (Medium Quality)

Canopy Tour (High Quality)

The Rocks (High Quality) (Medium Quality)

The River (High Quality) (Medium Quality)

Sizzler Video (High Quality)

Pre Jamboree 2014 Program Videos

Overview (High Quality) (Medium Quality)

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Helmets & Harnesses (High Quality) (Medium Quality)

Wheels (High Quality) (Medium Quality)

Marksman (High Quality) (Medium Quality)

2014 Programs Overview Presentation (.pptx) and speaker notes (.pdf)

2014 Programs 11×17 Brochure (.pdf)

Individual Program Info

Dig into the nitty gritty of each program with these handy fact sheets.

Summit Experience fact sheet (.pdf)

Wheels fact sheet (.pdf)

Helmets & Harnesses fact sheet (.pdf)

The Marksman fact sheet (.pdf)

The River fact sheet (.pdf)

Adventure Photography fact sheet (.pdf)

Forms and Instructions

To get to the Summit, you’ve got to do a little paperwork. No big deal. Just download the appropriate form, fill it out, submit it, and you’re on your way. Be sure to read through the reservation instructions first!

Reservation Instructions (.pdf)

Unit Registration Form (.docx) - Summit Experience

Unit Registration Form (.docx)- Wheels, Helmets & Harnesses, The Marksman, The River

Provisional Registration Form (.docx)

Website Promotion Materials

Council Banners (.zip)

Embed the Summit Blog feed on your council website!

BSA Antarctic Scientific Program

The Antarctic Scout will join teams of scientists conducting research during expeditions scheduled for the Antarctic summer season. The focus of this assignment is to add value to the different research teams by providing the positive assistance required to accomplish their mission. As a support member, the candidate will assist the scientists in the daily activities required to successfully conduct their field research projects. These assignments may be as simple as helping to cook the daily meals and doing camp chores to the more challenging tasks of gathering and analyzing samples for testing—and even wrestling seals!

The candidate contributes to the National Science Foundation goal of providing students with opportunities to participate in research activities outside the college or university setting and involving students at all levels with pioneering research.

LINK: BSA Antarctic Scientific Program