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Writing Letters to Troops

Writing Letters to Troops

Writing letters to our deployed soldiers is a great way to remind them of our support and gratitude for their service. Even in the quick digital age, there is still something special and exciting about getting a thoughtful piece of mail.

New safety regulations no longer allow letters to be addressed to ?Any Soldier? or to an entire camp in general. Instead, we suggest locating troops through your family and friends — or those of your fellow Scouts — and send a letter or care package that shows your appreciation!

Ready to get started? Military OneSource, the official Department of Defense resource for friends and family of deployed soldiers, has some recommendations below for what to write.

Remember, if you are under the age of 18, make sure to get your parents involved too! Share the letter you are sending – this is a fun project you can do together.

Letter-writing tips:

Remain positive in your letters! Soldiers are under a lot of stress every day and like to hear happy stories from back home.

Remember that soldiers may be men or women, old or young, and of all ethnic backgrounds when writing your letter.

Be creative! Draw pictures or send photographs of your hometown, Scout activities, or favorite things from home.

Let soldiers know why you think patriotism is important and how much you appreciate their service abroad.

Write stories about your school, family, Scouting unit, or share funny jokes. Second Lieutenant Brian Gallagher, a former Boy Scout currently serving in Iraq, says that good jokes definitely get passed around!