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About Troop 50


Troop 50 was established on 12 SEPT of 2009 and is chartered by Shepherd of the Woods Lutheran Church and School. We meet at the Shepherd of the Woods Lutheran Lake House at 6595 Columbia Park Ct. Jacksonville, FL 32258. Just off of Greenland Road in Mandarin. A full range of scouting activities, from camping to high adventure, awaits a Scout. It's all up to the Scouts in the troop to what activities they explore. Troop 50 offers: Scout led troop, Merit Badge increment, and Rank advancement at Scout's own pace. With over an estimated 100 years of Scouting leadership within then the Troop, it adds to the youths' program. Scouts learn by doing and making mistakes. They learn from their mistakes so they are better able to lead their patrols and troop as good leaders. The boys themselves develop a troop program, and then take responsibility for figuring out how they will achieve the goals. One of our most important challenges is to train boy leaders to run the troop by providing direction, coaching and support. The boys will make mistakes now and then and will rely upon the adult leaders to guide them. Only through real hands-on experience as leaders can boys learn to lead. Our youth must make mature decisions about many things that their limited experience with life has not prepared them for. Many of these decisions will have long-term consequences. The ready availability of drugs and alcohol and the rising number of youth gangs are situations our youth face daily. The number of single-parent households, the effects of the seemingly never-ending change caused by the impact of new technologies, and the increased amount of time parents must spend away from their children to ensure economic survival are all factors that make the Scouting program so vital to our nation's future. Boy Scouting has successfully assisted more than 98 million members since 1910 to develop the character and peer group associations to make ethical decisions and become role models in their communities. The Scouting movement has also developed special programs to educate our youth regarding drugs, child abuse, literacy, the new world of careers, and hunger in America. Working as a team in support of the Troop and its Scoutmaster, you can help your youth members to develop the confidence, skills, character, and mental fitness that will allow them to give quality leadership to a changing society. Please check out our web site at

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