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Brownie Insignia

Brownie Insignia:

Brownie Membership Pin:
All Brownies wear this pin on their brown tab. The pin's symbol represents the Brownie Elf, a mythical character from England that would come into people's homes at night at clean and be helpful. Brownie Elfs do not like to be seen which is why they work at night, perhaps in exchange for small gifts or food. You can read the full Brownie Story in the Brownie Handbook.

World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts (WAGGGS) Pin:
All Girl Scouts wear this pin. Girl Scouts of the United States are part of the World Association. Girls receive this pin on Thinking Day (Feb 22) during their first year as scouts (no matter what level). On this day, we are suppose to think about other scouts around the world.  The colors, blue and golden yellow, of the background and the elements, represent the sun shining down on the children of the world.  The vein is a compass needle pointing the way.  The two stars represent the promise and the law, a philosophy shared by all members.  The flame symbolizes the eternal love of humanity.  The three trefoil leaves represent the three fold promise, "To serve God and my country, to help people at all time and to live by the Girl Scout Law".  The border shows we are a worldwide and growing movement.

Try-Its are the triangular patches that Brownies earn. In order to earn a Try-It, each girl must try 4 of the activities listed for each patch. Please refer to the Brownie Try It book for the specific requirements. 

The Try Its are worn on the front of the sash/vest. Other patches (participation/fun patches) should be worn on the back. Just a warning, the sash/vest can get filled up very quickly, especially if you have a troop that likes to earn Try Its or goes on many trips! Please do not add on flaps or other areas to the vest.

Fun Patches/Activity Participation Patches - These patches are given for participation in an activity, service project or trip. They may not be worn on the front of the uniform. They may be placed on the back of the vest, sash or on a blanket, tote bag or other item.  They can also be bought if you participated in an activity/event associated with the patch.

Brownie Wings - All Brownies that are moving on to Juniors should receive their Wings. This is not an earned award, so they do not have to complete the bridging requirements to get their Wings. The only requirement is that they've been a Brownie for at least 1 year.

Membership Star and Disk - Each year that a girl is a member of Girl Scouts, she earns a membership star. These stars are distributed at the end of the year to signify completion of the year. Each level has a different color backing disk; the Brownie color is green.

Bridge to Brownie Girl Scouts Rainbow Patch (must be earned)
This patch is for girls who were Daisies and completed the requirements of this badge during their Daisy year. It is worn on the Brownie uniform.

Bridge to Junior Girl Scout Rainbow Patch (must be earned)
To earn the Bridge to Junior Girl Scout Patch, you must do at least one activity of each of the six bridging steps in the order that they are numbered. Girls can advance to Juniors even without completing the Bridging requirements. She just does not get this rainbow patch. Read more about this patch in the Brownie Handbook. This patch is worn on the Junior uniform.

Bridging Step 1 - Find out about Junior Girl Scouting
Bridging Step 2 - Do a Junior Girl Scout Activity
Bridging Step 3 - Do something with a Junior Girl Scout or Junior Girl Scout Troop
Bridging Step 4 - Share what you learn about Junior Girl Scouts with younger Girl Scouts
Bridging Step 5 - Plan and do a summer Girl Scout activity
Bridging Step 6 - Help plan your Fly Up Ceremony

Work with Junior leaders in your Service Unit to coordinate bridging activities. Sometimes you may be able to have the girls do the activities with the troop they will be flying up to.

Junior Girl Scout Vest