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Boy Scout Troop 229
(Selden, New York)
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Test Your Knowledge

Boy Scout Online Tests

One of the challenges of a leader with a large group of scouts is checking their advancement requirements. This can take quite a bit of time and effort. Sometimes, scouts will attempt to advance before they have adequately learned the skills or gained required knowledge. These online tests are intended to help scouts check their understanding of information before attempting their advancement.

A scout should take a test after he has studied the information and thinks he has the knowledge to pass the test. Taking a test to learn the information is not an effective use of the online test.

Some tests give the scout an opportunity to email his results to his adult leader. You can review how well the scout did and find out where he may need to devote more time.

Boy Scout First Aid Test 1
Boy Scout First Aid Test 2
Boy Scout First Aid Test 3
Boy Scout First Aid Test 4
Boy Scout First Aid Test 5
Boy Scout First Aid Test 6
Boy Scout US Flag Test
Boy Scout Knots Test 1
Boy Scout Knots Test 2
Boy Scout Map Symbols Test
Boy Scout Trivia Test
Scouting Crossword
Knots Crossword