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Welcome Letter

I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to Cub Scout Pack 437. We are looking forward to a fun, exciting and educational year. We have a lot of wonderful family events planned for the boys and their adult partners. To help you prepare for the 2014 – 2015 Scouting year in Pack 437 we have put together some points of interest that should help explain some of the terminology, events, and expectations that have come to be part of Cub Scouts.

The Pack 437 Welcome Letter is available on this page for download as a PDF file.

Pack Website

Pack 437 has a website that is hosted at no cost to the pack by The web site is set up with both Public and Private Access and we control the content of both. Public Access is exactly that, any user that enters in the Pack’s URL will be able to see the public content. This will be limited to general information about the pack and no information about the boys will be accessible in this mode. The Private Access is only accessible with a username and password and only properly  trained parents and leaders will be invited to join. Private Access allows the viewing of scheduled event information as well as information about Pack 437.  Please keep your password a secret to protect all of the boys in our pack.

Online Resources

Here are some web addresses that may be of interest to leaders and parents alike:
Pack 437 Web Site:
Pack 437 E-Mail Address:
Three Rivers District Yahoo Group:
Online Scouting Supply Store:
Online Training:
Central Florida Council: 
 Belt loops, and advancements:

How to Acquire Uniforms and Supplies

Uniforms, books and other scouting supplies can be purchased online at and orders will be shipped directly to you.

There is also a scout shop in Jacksonville.

Boy Scouts of America Jacksonville Scout Shop
521 Edgewood Avenue South
Jacksonville, FL 32205
Phone: 904.384.9256
Fax: 904.388.6368
Hours: Monday through Friday: 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM and Saturday: 9:00 AM - 2:00 PM

Remember to check your local thrift store.

Pack Meetings

Pack Meetings are held the last sunday of each month, unless otherwise specified. The pack meetings are at Santa Maria del Mar on North Central in Flagler Beach  from 1 PM until 2 PM (or so).  Pack Meetings are where upcoming events are announced and Rank Achievements are awarded.

Pack Dues

Pack dues are set at $70.00 for 2014 - 2015.  The Pack dues cover operational cost that include, but are not limited to, pack patches, rank advancement and six belt loops.  


Den Dues

Den dues are optional for each den and are typically established by the den as a whole. Den dues are typically used to cover the cost of crafts and possibly snack during the Den meetings.

Rank Appropriate Book

A rank appropriate handbook will be essential for the boys to fulfill their full potential as Cub Scouts. For the boys to make rank advancements they will need to complete the requirements in their books and have each achievement signed off by their Den Leader.  The Den Leader will then report advancement milestones to the Pack Leader and achievement awards will be handed out at a following Pack Meeting. Handbook prices range from about $6.00 to about $9.00 depending on rank.

Cub Scout Uniform

Pack 437 does not require a full head to toe Cub Scout uniform. A minimum Class A uniform would be comprised of a rank appropriate Cub Scout or Webelos shirt with all required patches (World Crest, Unit Numerals 437, and Central Florida Council patch), a rank appropriate neckerchief, and rank appropriate neckerchief glide. Items such as a Cub Scout hat are optional and not required. It is suggested to use a large safety-pin to hold the slide onto the neckerchief to prevent losing the glide.  These items can be found online, at the scout shop, in your local thrift shop or through parents that have donated uniforms back to the pack.

Class A Uniforms are expected to be worn properly and with pride. Uniforms are expected to be tucked in with a pair of navy bottoms for cub scouts or khaki bottoms for Webelos. To prevent injury covered toe footwear is required (no sandals or Crocs) to all Pack sponsored events. These include, but are not limited to the following: Pack meetings, Go-See-It, Scouting-For-Food, Beach Cleanup, Scout Sunday, Blue and Gold Banquett and local parades.

Leaders Uniforms

Leaders are strongly encouraged to were uniforms whenever participating in Scouting events. A Leader Uniform consists of a Leader Shirt, typically short sleeved, with all required patches (World Crest, Unit Numerals 437, and Central Florida Council patch).  The neckerchief and glide are optional for leaders. Parents are not required to wear a uniform.

Contact Information

Due to busy schedules, Pack 437’s primary method of communication and dissemination of information is via the internet. We have a Pack e-mail address ( that will be monitored by several of the leaders in the Pack as well as the Pack 437 website ( By having these options available to us as well as having the boys and their adult partners able to contact their Den Leaders directly, the most up to date information will be able to be relayed to you in the most efficient means possible. If a boy or adult partner does not have e-mail within the home, access to the internet and online e-mail accounts are available at no charge through the Flagler County Library.