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The Daisy Learning Petals

The petals that Daisies earn represent the Promise and the ten lines of the Girl Scout Law. Daisies earn the Promise center when they can say the Promise, and they earn the petals as they show that they've learned each part of the Law.

Here's how each petal corresponds to the different parts of the Law:

  • Dark Blue center: the Girl Scout Promise
  • Yellow: being honest and fair
  • Light Blue: being friendly and helpful
  • Spring Green: being considerate and caring
  • Red: being courageous and strong
  • Orange: being responsible for what they say and do
  • Purple: respecting themselves and others
  • Magenta: respecting authority
  • Green: using resources wisely
  • Rose: making the world a better place
  • Violet: being a sister to every Girl Scout
When adding petals to a uniform, they can be arranged in any order --  just make sure you're leaving room for them all. The Promise Center always goes in the center, of course!

Download the Daisy Petal poster below and print it out for your Daisy!

Icon File Name Comment  
daisypetals.pdf Daisy petal poster